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Monday, September 29, 2008

Easy way to get USD3 !

Well, I know many of us have found that it is not easy to earn money from the web. After spending time and efforts in performing the required tasks online, the concerned site seems to disappeared overnight! This is especially true for ptc and HYIP sites. So we have come out with the label of SCAM sites in the net and think that it is impossible to earn money in the net.

However, don't feel despaired as you can easily earn USD3 (or a RM10 KFC coupon) by participating in the weekly contests in Jayce Ooi's blog. I can assure you that Jayce is a man of honor as he has indeed paid me! So hurry up to the blog as the WW39 contest has just started!

WW39 Weekly Contest Answer
1. Solve-intermittent-network-connection-issue-ping-request-timed-out
2. Malaysia-bank-swift-code
3. How-to-enable-activex-in-internet-explorer-ie6-ie7


Hui Ling said...

This seems good, will take a look....

JayceOoi said...

You won again. Well done for getting the answers correct. :)