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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Earn money by surfing

Nuclearhits is a site where you get :
1. 0.7 credit for each site you visit during autosurf. If you want to get more credits, watch out for the bonus credits at the bottom part of your screen during your autosurf session.The longer you surf, the higher will be the credit value. Don't forget to click on the verification
2. 1.0 credit for each site you view during manual surf.
3. $0.05 per 1,000 hits using the rotator link.
4. 100 credits per 1,000 banner impressions in your site.
5. 7 credits for each popup view in your site.
6. 0.2 credits for each LinkBox view in your site

Credits earned in the site can be exchange with cash at a rate of 5,000 credit points for $0.14. Cash out is at $2 via PayPal. But if you don't want to receive cash for the credits earned, you can allocate the credits to your sites to pull in the traffic.

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