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Sunday, November 30, 2008

How To Make More Money with Neobux! $0.0125 a click?

Neobux is the paid to click (PTC) site that you must join if you want to get paid for clicking ads. It is a 100% legit ptc sites that pays its users. With over 2 millions members in the site, I guess it won't resort to scamming and run away with our money in the site.

You will get instant payment when you request payment via Paypal or Alertpay. First payment request is at $2, second $3, third $4 and up to $10. After that, it will stay at $10.

So how do you make more money with Neobux without investing? Join under me and I will give you 50% of the earning that I make from you. You will get $0.01 from Neobux and $0.0025 from me for each of your click in Neobux.

Let me know your user name and PayPal email address so that I can pay you by leaving a comment in this post. You will get paid when you want to be paid. Just let me know ! I will pay you even if the payment amount is only a few cents!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make cash with Smstafford

Manual surf, autosurf, and paid to click ads. All these tasks can make cash for you in Smstafford. The script used in this site is similar to Mashro3nabux but Mashro3nabux will only pay you when you have $10 in your account and the payment processors they used are AlertPay and E-Gold. Click here for more information on Mashro3nabux.

So what are the differences of this site? Currently there are two ads in the Paid To Click Ads tab that are worth $0.04 and $0.16 each. And to top it up, you can request for a payout in PayPal when you have $1 in your account. Go to Member Profile Editor to key in your PayPal payment processor email to get payout.

Well, you might think that it is a scam but I will post my payment proof here when I receive payout from them.

UPDATE 30 Nov 08 : Need to buy or invest at least $10 in the site to get paid. So Sayonara SMStafford!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Make cash with Paid to Promote

Get paid To Promote at any Location

Place a promotional code in Paid to Promote and you will be able to make cash out of it everytime someone in United States, Canada, Britain and Australia visit your website. When they stay on the page that contains the promotional code for more than 5 sec, your account will be credited.

Cash out is via PayPal or E-Gold and will be paid on the 15th and 30th of the month if your account has a minimum of $1 in it. There are 2 referral levels in Paid to Promote in which you will be able to earn 10% for direct referral and 5% for 2nd lever referral.

Select the payment mode properly during registration as you cannot change it in the site.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Make cash with PaidMailz

Aside from being paid for reading emails and signup offers, yo will also get a chance to click at those ads in the PaidMailz. Each ads will pay you anywhere from $0.025 to 2 cents but currently I only saw $0.025 ads in it.

And that is not all that you will find in PaidMailz. There is a tab called Daily Clicks where you can earn $0.06 for performing a price comparison search and click through to a result. If you are not sure on how to perform the task, you can get help by viewing a video tutorial on how to go about earning your $0.06 daily. Only 1 search can be performed daily.

PaidMailz is open to all inhabitants in this world but UK members will be able to get more earning from the site. Cashout is at a low $1 via PayPal. The good thing about this site is it will be around for some time as I am pretty sure not many people would be interested for such a way to make money. Anyway, to those of you who still have interest in such a way to make money online, just click the banner below.

Hmmm, since the payout is only at $1, I will give you 50% of what I made from you. When I received the money from them, I will pay you through your PayPal account that you sent me. No joke, I meant it. Just state your username and PayPal account email and send it to


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Make cash by reading emails

Most sites will pay you for reading emails. TakeTheInternetBack seems to thread along the same line, but with a twist. Reading email sent by the advertisers will give you points. These points will denote ownership and revenue percentage. So there is no fixed amount associated to how much does a point worth as revenue and membership will fluctuate.

Just remember to click the link in the email that was sent to you if you want to earn points from it. If you didn't read the ads email for two weeks, it will lose its value and if you didn't read any email for one month, your account will be inactive. However, it can be reactivated by logging into your account and click the activation link in it. Of course you will want to earn more points, you can read more emails. A maximum 10 points will be yours for the taking if you read 10 emails a day. A referral will give you 3 points. If you referral refers a member, you will also get a point.

Don't worry if you see that your available money does not increase corresponding with the points that you get as money will only be credited when the site get paid from the advertisers.

If you want to have ownership in the site for life, you must read emails daily and refer at least 2 members. Cash out is at $50 via PayPal or $55 via check. Hey, did I tell you that you will get $10 in your account when you join and there are many free internet marketing download programs that you can use ?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Make cash with French ptc.

Here one paid to click site that pays you in Euro. Clik Argent
is a French ptc site that pays €0.0065 per click.
Cashout is €2 only via PayPal.

As you might face some problems when registering, I have translate the registration page to make it easier for you to register.

The site is in pre launch this whole month. If you have €10 in your account before the launch date, you will get premium membership for one year.

Make cash with iStocku.

Do you like to dabble in stocks but afraid of getting yourself burnt? More so with the current downturn in the stock markets worldwide.

Have you heard of iStocku? It is an online virtual stock market that gives you the option to play for fun and make a little money out of it by being signing up a Practice Player account. When you are confident enough to trade for real money, you could sign up a Real Money Player account. If you want to have both accounts, use different emails and e-gold accounts.

When you open a Practice Player account, you will be given $100 to play. Even though this cash cannot be withdrawn, you can still win some real money if you are among the top three players with the highest return on investment (ROI) at the end of the day. $5, $3 and $1 are rewarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd top players respectively which can be withdrawn instantly to your e-Gold account. All practice player account balances will be resetted to $100 every Sunday to provide a level playing field. For Real Money Player account, you need to deposit money to play.

Stock price is updated every 10 minutes and the market is open 24/7. iStocku practices "T+0" trading rules and a 1% commission fee is imposed only in the sell transaction for a Real Money Player account.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Make cash by posting in Craiglist

Have you post any listing in Craiglist? Yes, then you should join WorkFromHomeHQ to make cash from it.

Wait for an email from James Orr after you keying in the email address that you used to register in the site. Use your email address and the given password to log in to the site. After logging in, click on the Post Ads, Get Paid link under the heading Jobs To Do Today. Follow the instruction that you see in the screen.

If you get an email from James Orr stating that your job could not be verified and you are sure that you have correctly followed all the instructions, then your ads might be ghosted. An ads is said to be ghosted when it cannot be found in the result page for the category that you have posted. If you often get ghosted ads, you should stop posting the ads as you'll be wasting your time.

For each successful job listing, you'll be paid $0.15. You can only post a maximum of 5 ads a day in Craiglist. You can request for payment via PayPal when you account reaches $20.