As I will be on my feet to look out for opportunities to reach my $10,000 a month target, check often into my blog to share my dreams as well as yours!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new paid to post forum!

For all of you who like to post in forums, you can make some cash by posting in a new forum called CyberWorth. CyberWorth is a site that focuses on online money making and web design and development.

Currently, they have very attractive rewards. They use points known as worth to convert to cash. The rate for is 1 worth credit is 1 cent.
1 reply or 1 thread=10 worth
1 referral= 10 worth
Signup will give you 100 worth which means $1.

You can request cashout when you have $10 via PayPal or CC. If this sounds interesting to you, hurry up and register yourself in CyberWorth. One more thing, you will only able to get worth credit in the posts that you make in General Business and Webmasters forums.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Gomez paid me!

Finally, after months of joining Gomez, I finally got my payment from them without even the need to request for it. They paid me 23 days the next month after I have reached the minimum $5 cashout amount in the concerned month. The best thing about Gomez is you just have to install the Peer once and then totally forget about it and will still being able to make cash from it.

Gomez will use your unused pc resources to measure real time performance of their customers' websites. After you join, you will see that your account will be pending. Don't worry as it will get activated if you remain online a lot each day. By the way, the cash that you make during the pending state will be carried over when your account is activated.

The current payment rate is
1. $0.10 for being online at least 20 hours a day. (Online time: easily reached if you have a few pc online)
2. $0.0005 for every minute your pc is being used (Processed time)

Join Gomez only if your pc is connected to the net most of the time or if you have multiple pc connected to the net through the router.

Make cash with WaoIndia!

I won't blame you when you think that WaoIndia is a scam site. Who in the world would believe that a ptc site would pay $0.10 for each of your 30 sec viewing in the ads in WaoIndia?

I was also sceptical when I first discovered the site. But since I saw that there were many payment proofs in the forum, the site is being sponsored (SKY DEVELOPMENT & DomainOnAir which they claimed pay them $0.15 per click till Oct 2010), and that they are going to limit users to only 8,000 members, I decide to give it a try. Recently they secured Clicksor as another of their sponsors.

Cashout is at $199 via PayPal. There will be some fees deduction during payout but who cares since the amount is so BIG? Yep, very high amount but many people are able to cash out the amount over that figure! Also remember not to click the same ads with in a 24 hours period as you account will be banned.

Well, if you intend to try your luck, join WaoIndia quickly as the current user base is at 7,035.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Make cash/gift certificate with MTurk

As many works are still done best by humans, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) serves as a platform to offer businesses to get their temporary work requests done by a wide pool of talented people. And you are going to be one of them if you join the site as a worker.

The following tasks are available in MTurk:
1. identify objects in a photo or video,
2. perform data de-duplication
3. transcribe audio recordings, or researching data details.

What a worker need to do in MTurk is to answer Human Intelligence Task (HIT) which is just an individual task. There are tens of thousands of HITS in MTurk that you can work on. After you registered, you can find out the expiration date and the value of each HIT by clicking on the HIT tab. To qualify for those HIT that are not available to you, you will have to take the qualification test.

US residents will have the option to transfer their cash in MTurk to a US bank account or gift certificate balance while non-US resident can only transfer them to gift certificate balance. Indian workers will have the option to get their payment in bank checks denominated in Indian Rupees.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Forums for ptc clickers!

If you are someone who are new to the ptc industry, you could visit the following forums to get more knowledge on the paid to click (PTC) way to make some extra cash. Bear in mind that paid to click is the easiest way to make money online as it only requires you to click and view a site for some duration (10, 20, 30 or 45, 60 or 120 sec) and then your account will be credited with cash! As ptc sites come and go very fast, it is wise not to make heavy investment in them (buying referrals) as you might lose your money when the ptc sites vanish from the net.

PTCTalk : a very established forums on ptc industry. You can get to know which sites are scam sites, new ptc sites, established paying ptc, exchange your referral links, get yourself a referral by joining the program listed in the forum etc. (Downline Builder Board)

AsiaPTC : started 4 months ago as a ptc forum to cater for those ptc clickers in Asia. It has more or less the same forums as those in PTCTalk with the difference lies in its localized country boards. Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Philippines are the currently available local boards that you can post in your local country languages.

EarningMoneySpace : Currently they have a weekly $10 give away contest which you can participate if you have made at least 25 posts in the forum.

I know that you won't give your cash to a school boy but do you know that some of this sites are operated by them? That being said, I didn't mean that they will cheat you of your money but just be careful and use your head! If a owner has several ptc sites, it might prove that things are not going right as some of the sites are not self sustainable and the money collected in the newer sites might be used to finance the older sites.

Be alert when most of your ads that you click in a site belong to the concerned site . This is the first indication that the site is not sustainable.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Make cash by playing Exodus 3000

Unlike most games out there where you have to pay cash to make cash, Exodus 3000 lets you make cash by joining the site free. Exodus 3000 is a multiplayer RPG strategy game where you can make cash and win prizes.

The best part of it is you can play the game straight away after you have registered as there is no program to download. You will earn Mars Dollars (MD) for carrying out actions such as
mining volcanos, searching ruins, and attacking other players.

When you sign up, you will get 5,000 MD and 250 free moves. If any of your referrals makes at least 200 moves in the game,
you will get 500 MD and 100 free moves. You will also be able to earn real cash, iPod Nano or portable DVD player if you refer many active members to the Exodus 3000.

You need to have a Cashout Card, stats points (which is given when you have upgrades) and MD to request a payout. Min cashout is at $1 via PayPal.

The payout rate is as follows:
Less than 40 stat points the rate is 500,000 MD = $20
41-49 rate is 400,000 MD = $20
50-59 rate is 300,000 MD = $20
60-69 rate is 250,000 MD = $20
70-79 rate is 200,000 MD = $20
80+ rate is 150,000 MD = $20

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make cash with German surfbar!

Yes, Inetcash is an online cash cow! Make cash with Inetcash by showing an ads surfbar at the top of your screen and you will be able to make €0.0075 per hour. As long as your pc is on and connected to the net, you will be able to make cash with it. The best part of it is it does not require any verification as the usual surfbars in the net.

Low cashout which is at €5 only and can be requested once a month by clicking on the Payout button at the end of the Account page.

Make more cash by referring people to Inetcash. The 6 level referral's system will accelerate your cash towards cashout!
Level 1 10%
Level 2 8%
Level 3 5%
Level 4 3%
Level 5 2%
Level 6 1%

Important note: If you don't know German Language, after loading the Inetcash homepage, just click on the US flag (on top of the page) to change the page to English Language. Then click on the Register button on the left.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Make cash with traffic exchange!

Would you like to make some cash for letting your computer to autosurf the sites in the web? Yes? Then
sign up at WJob as they will pay you for autosurfing as they need traffic for marketing purposes.

By running the autosurf link after you registered in WJob (you don't even have to log in to your account), you will be able to earn 0.7 credit for each website that you visit for 15 sec. If you include your own site in Wjob, you will be getting 0.9 credit for each visit but each hit to your site will cost you 1 credit. Add another of your own site and you will be able to increase it to 1.1 credit per website visit. Just one reminder, you need to have 1,000 credit first to put your own URL link.

There is a 3 level referral program in WJob which will give you 0.15, 0.05 and 0.01 for each hit generated by your first, second and third referral levels respectively.

Cashout is at $6 via E-Gold. So you would need a minimum credit of 60,000 points to cash out!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Make cash with LinkBucks!

What if I tell you that there is a company that pays you for linking any site or page that you like? No, I am not joking! This could be true if you join Linkbucks. Linkbucks lets you monetize your outbound traffic.

So how do you make cash in LinkBucks? Well, all you have to do is to join their site and start creating links. For each page you add, you'll get a Linkbucks link that you can start promoting.Your new paying links will still point to the same page, but will have an ad type of your choice that will make you cash. You'll make cash every time your links is clicked.

Min cashout is $5 via PayPal. Linkbucks has 3 tier referrals system that let you make 10%, 5% and 1% cash from tier 1, 2 and 3 referrals respectively.

Monday, October 06, 2008

If you have a heart, you'll click for charity!

Have you seen Oprah's Big Give? Yes? How do you feel about those people who compete to give in the show? Aren't they great? Well, you could also have such a feeling if you do some clickings in TheHungerSite.

In TheHungerSite, you can click to :
1. give free food to the hungry people in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America. Click here to see the stat!

2. give free mammograms

3. give free child healthcare. Your click will be used to fund the administration of Vitamin A to prevent life-threatening childhood illness and disease which include blindness. I bet you will have a good feeling after seeing what your click will do!

4. free books. Sponsors will provide free books to the children from low-income families in the U.S. as well as those from the poorest countries in the world such as Tibet, India, Vietnam, and Laos.

5. protect endangered habitat.Your daily click will fund the purchase of rainforest land by The Nature Conservancy, The Rainforest Conservation Fund, The World Parks Endowment, and Rainforest2Reef. These organizations work to preserve rainforest land in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other locations worldwide.

6. give free food and care to a rescued animal living in a sanctuary or shelter that include Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in California, shelters supported by Petfinder Foundation , North Shore Animal League and animal care facilities supported by the foundation.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Become a VIP in PTCNation

If you are an avid PTC clicker, you would know that you need to pay to upgrade your membership to become a premium or VIP member.

But at PTCNation, you can do it for FREE! as PTCNation is now in its Pre Launch stage. (I think it will last a month until the Grand Opening Day) . As the site is in Pre Launch stage in which you are a tester, you will be rewarded with 6-month VIP membership and the top 3 clickers during the Prelaunch stage will receive a cash out!  

As a VIP member, you will  enjoy the following privileges:
1. get to click the last 25% of an ads, (shown by the yellow star on the right of the ads)
2. aside from your 1 cent click, your referral click will earn you 1 cent. Min payout is at $3. 
3. cheaper renting referral rate. 

Don't forget to check out the Advertise tab as you can get 25 ads views of your site for FREE !