As I will be on my feet to look out for opportunities to reach my $10,000 a month target, check often into my blog to share my dreams as well as yours!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Being an online tutor?

Are you interested to become an online tutor ? For those in this professional line, you can register yourself at BuddySchool and create a tutor profile there. The subjects that you can teach are limitless. There are categories on arts and crafts, body and mind, business, humanities, language, science etc.

The popular one are English, Math, Spanish, French and Chinese. The online tutor session can be done over MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, Skype and others. You can also put down your schedule in which you are free to teach.

Tutoring payment can be made via PayPal, credit card, Western Union, Xoom etc. As there are many tutors there, you can offer free lesson to the students in order to entice them to sign up for your services.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Paid To Post Forums For You

Have you have enough of paid to post forums? Nope, you want more? Here they are:

Post4Cash: This is a very new paid to post forum. The forum uses a credit system to pay you. Registering for the forum will award you with 10 credits. Each written post will earn you 5 credits while 10 credits are given to each thread that you start. Referring a valid member awards you with 50 credits. Valid member is defined as a person who is referred by you and registers on their forum and he/she becomes a valid referral once they have 10 valid posts in sections which pay and have been registered since 7 days.

Minimum payout is at 5 dollars (1,000 credits) via PayPal, e-Gold or MoneyBooker on the 15th of every month.

MakeMoneyKindgom: As the name implied, MakeMoneyKingdom (MMK) is forum that has rich contents and information on online money making opportunities. Gold Coins are awarded at MMK. These are then converted to cash at payout. The followings are the amount of Gold Coins that will be credited to your account.

Starting a thread earns 4 Gold Coins.
Posting a reply gives you 3 Gold Coins.
Introducing a referrer that has made more than 30 posts rewards 25 Gold Coins.

After reaching 1,000 Gold Coins in your accounts which are equivalent to 10 dollars, you can request payout via PayPal or MoneyBookers. Payment will be made at the beginning of the month.

I find this forum is very strict as there is a disgusting minimum requirement of 100 characters per post. In addition to that and you won't be able to view any link or image signatures if you have less than 10 posts. I have received a warning from them for making duplicate threads in MMK. So SEARCH before you start a THREAD!

BestPaidOnline: There are 10 different ways of getting paid in BestPaidOnline. They are Get Paid to sign up, paid email, paid cash offer, paid free offers, paid survey offers, paid shopping offers, paid trial offers, paid 10% or 20% from referrals, paid to write in forum, paid to click on banners and advertisements will earn you money there. Each thread or post in the forum will make you richer by 2 cents.

However, there is one catch here. To get payout, you must either do $15 worth of offers or earn $15 from your referrals.Payment request can be made when your account reaches $25 via PayPal or AlertPay. You will receive your money somewhere from the 20th to the end of the second month after you request for payment.

ChatLife is currently offering 0.15 cents per post for a limited time only. All posts must be more than 5 words and have informative and meaningful discussion. Payment are made for each 100 posts you made in the Community Forum via PayPal or bank transfer.

All payments are processed after the 20th of each month. The following thread explains every thing in more detail:

Get Paid 2 Post Rules - Please Read

Digital Point: An Adsense revenue sharing forum. Yes, this best described Digital Point forum. To be able to get your Adsense Client ID on the advertisements there, you must make at least 50 posts. Your ID will be used on 50% of the time for the thread that you start. Digital Point contains many useful threads on Search Engines, Marketing, Business, Design and Development etc. which are very useful to those who make money online.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Online Research Service

Yes, this can be your next endeavor online money making project. Before that, let dwell into this a little bit.

What is an online research service? It is a service provided by experience writers for providing contents to your sites, reviewing your sites or blogs, or even writing thesis for your project! though the last one might sound a bit out of the box and illegal, but I think it can be done. If you don't have time to write and update your site/blog, this is where they come in to fulfill your needs.

My friend who is a former corporate executive is offering such a service. Check out his online research service. I believe he can fulfill whatever needs you might have in seeking out contents for your site(s)/blog(s).

Now, maybe for those of you who are experienced and love to write, why not offering such a service yourself? Who know, you might be laughing your way to the bank after this!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making Money With Low Traffic Blog

All is not lost in making money with a low traffic site. Some companies prefer to advertise in low traffic hobbyist site as it may prove more effective in getting targetted traffic.They will offer you to display an advertisement banner on your site in return for a small fee. You provide the advertising company with a list of URLs of your site. If they find a match in their advertisers to your site, you will be provided with a banner to be put on your URL that you submitted earlier. Payment will be after displaying the banner in your site for a month.

Matched work in this way. They will offer you £3 for each advertisement you published in your site. You can submit 5 URLs in the same domain to them. If all 5 of them are selected, you earn £15 from them monthly. Adding in 5 different sites will make you richer by £75. Before I forget, the £5 sign up bonus will be paid to you when you have display the first banners for a month.

Another company that threads along the same line is Ad Network. It will pay you £5 per month for 3 banners displayed in your site. There is no limitations to the number of sites that you can submit to them.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A little word about Pay-less

I have been noticing my visitors went to some of the sites that I have listed here. As I am new and a member in each and everyone of them, I cannot verified the status of the site concerned. My apology to my fellow visitors.

However, I do want to mention a paid to forum that is a scam. It is pay-less. Even though I have reached payout in 2 days, I cannot even request money from them. The withdrawal button simply don't work. Help me spread the words. Don't let innocent people get cheated, like me!

In the long run, I think I'll make some column on listing them. For now, take note!

UPDATE!!! 16.7.08 Pay-less paid me

Monday, June 16, 2008

How to get the money you earned online?

It never dawn on me that newbies didn't have any idea on how to get the money earned online. I guess I am one too when I started out these things.

Most paying sites will pay you through payment processors such as PayPal or AlertPay. So to get the payment, you would have to open an account with them which is of course, free of charge. Put in your email address in it so that the paying sites can pay you through the email that you provided.

For PayPal, a 5 dollars withdrawal fee will be charged if you withdraw it to your credit or debit card. I would recommend you get a debit card as most of the time, the local bank won't charge you any withdrawal fee when you withdraw cash using your debit card.

If you have US bank account, there won't be any charges imposed to withdraw the money from PayPal to your US bank account.

AlertPay lets you withdraw money by sending you checks or through bank transfer with a withdrawal fee of 3 dollars and 50 cents respectively.

If you intend to earn money by clicking on advertisements, get AlertPay. But if you like posting in forums, then get a PayPal account. Anyway, it never hurt to get both of them. After all, they are free to apply.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Most Rewarding Paid To Post Forum So Far

As you have noticed, I have not been posting for the past few days. I am busy making posts in paid to post forums, just like a robot poster. I 've mentioned about it in the last paragraph of my last posting.

As in anything in life, nothing come easy when it comes to making money, including earning money online. This is particularly challenging for me as a rookie. But if you know me, I am not the type that give up easily. You got to push yourself to the limits if you are serious in making more money online. I believe once I get over the initial slope of the learning curve, the goings will be easier.

Forum booster is a place where you "boost" up the posts in new forums on the net. Before you applied, you will be asked to complete 5 postings in their forum. You will be assigned various newly setup forums to make your postings there. So it means that you will do postings in a forum where you might totally have no knowledge at all and at times. As the forum is new, you would discover that there are limited number of threads and replies for you to participate. See what I meant by difficult. Luckily, you can select the assignments that you wish to participate and there is no compulsory rules that you must complete a fixed number of posts per day. However, you are required to post one thread per every 6 or 7 posts and a maximum number of 10 to 15 posts in a forum.

If you are hardworking and do more postings, you get more money as in the off line world. You just got to sweat it out! It is not a place where you post for fun while make a little bit of money. You do it for the sole purpose of earning money online by paid to post. If you are not committed, you might drop out half way as the goings can get very tough.

However, the rewards that awaits you would be very alluring. At least, it is for me. The first 100 postings that you make will be paid 10 cents each, the next 400 postings will earn you 12 cents each and finally anything more than 500 postings will make you richer by 15 cents per post. According to them, payout is made in 2 to 3 weeks via PayPal. As I am still new here, I haven't receive any payout yet. Once I got them, I'll post them in this blog.

For newbie, I would recommend Mylot, it is the perfect practice ground for you. Unlike other paid to post forums, you can write practically anything. And your posts can be a word in length too. You won't get any warnings there. In short, the sky is the limit. I love Mylot; I mainly post there for funs and I don't feel any fears. A profile page is provided for you where you can do heavy promotion for your referral links. If you have a website or blog, you can put it in too. I think Mylot bears some similiarities with Yahoo!Answers. Both have graphical images and white backgrounds.

I have discovered that some paid to post forums are very strict and they do means business. If you post something too short, or didn't put the thread in the correct section of the sub forum, you get a warning. Of course, reply such as yes or no is a definite no-no, and a meaningless answer such as Wow! that's great, Good idea!, I like it, That's smart or It is very informative is not welcome. And be careful with your referral links. You just can't simply put them anywhere.

Now, you know why I love Mylot! See the difference and why I recommend it for newbies? Besides the funs, you would also get to know a lot of friends globally and get to access many current informations. I especially like the make extra money, and mylot Interests Sections.

Mylot paid you when your account reaches 10 dollars, it also permits you to set a higher cash out limit such as 25, 50 or 100 dollars. Payout is via PayPal or Moneybookers. They have a generous referral programs too.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Update on Mysearchfunds (Homepages Friends)

Mysearchfunds is now known as Homepages Friends. Even though the interface has changed slightly, you can rest assured that your balance will be paid as it has tied up with Yahoo!. Log in using your previous registered email at the bottom of the homepage or at the upper right hand corner and key in your own password. You will find your balance being carried forward from Mysearchfunds. Due to the tie up, your search is now performed through Yahoo!. You will IE7 or Mozilla Firefox for it to work which you can download after registration under the FAQ's section.

You might have your doubt in getting paid before, but with Yahoo! in the picture, your payments are guaranteed. So join Homepages friends to search your ways into making extra money. They pay in pounds!

Paid Forums

Wouldn't it be nice if you are also getting paid while doing posting in forums ? For the past few days, I have been busy scouring the net for this purpose.

My searches lead me to the followings:

Morachat I go there with a doubt mind whether they will pay me for the postings that I made. I think you would be in the same mind as mine as many forums cannot sustain its payments to their members. Of course, Mylot is an exception. Glancing through the postings in Morachat, I found that the new owner is willing to pay those members with outstanding balance accrued from its previous owner. Hey! This guy must be a honest man as he is willing to go to the extent to compensate the previous unpaid members. He has what I am looking in responsibilities and respect.

When you reach 9 dollars in balance, you can request cashout from the admin through PayPal. Each post carries an amount of 2 cents. Shorter post will receive 1 cent while a one sentence post will give you a fraction of a cent. The good thing about this forum in comparison with Mylot is you will know immediately the latest updated account balance after your recent posting. It is displayed on the left hand side of your every postings.

One more thing about Morachat is you will get 1 dollar bonus when you introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself section. So there is 8 more dollars to go before payout.

Pay-less is a new paid to post forum that I discovered while clicking my ads. They pay you when your balance is 1 dollar via PerfectMoney. Yes, one dollar is indeed a very low cashout amount where you won't find in any other paid forum. Each posting costs them 1 cent while a new thread has a reward of 1.5 cent. If you are active, you can reach payout within days!

EMF is another paid to post forum. You can post your request to exchange the e-Gold earned into Altergold, C-gold, E-gold, E-bullion, EMFcash, Liberty Reserve, Numox, PayPal, Pecunix, Perfect Money and V-money.

The last one is only meant for those who are very serious in earning money in postings. Don't try it if you are only half hearted and cannot afford time on it. You will be asked to post in various forums that you might not be familiar. However, the payout is very good and they pay you weekly. Only proceed from here after you properly think the whole thing over.

If you have any questions, kindly post them in the comments area of this post.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My first online earning payment!

Checking on my PayPal account this morning revealed that I have been paid by Review Stream. I didn't expect them to pay me so fast as I have only requested payment from them yesterday.

Finally I had been reaped from reviews writing on Review Stream for the past one month. It is indeed not a SCAM site at all. You do get paid for your hard works even though it takes a while! Just think of it as being employed by someone and get paid by the end of the month.

Click here to see payment proof.

Share my journey on review writing and get some writing tips for Review Stream. Yesterday, Review Stream has switched back to 72 hours reviews approval/declination after changing it to instaneous acceptance/declination last week. To increase your chances in getting the regular rate, try to post a review in the range of about 250 words and above. To view a sample of a 40 cents and a 2 dollars reviews, go to Review Stream and type Porcupine in the find reviews bar.
The one on the modem was worth 2 dollars while 40 cents was awarded to the Isotonic drink review.

Thanks for clicking the payment proof image above. You have just earned me 0.00022 cent. Yup, you can hardly notice a one after a long strings of zero, but as in life, everything counts in the long run. Click here to join only if you are still interested or else you are only wasting your time!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Not just another PTC site

Most PTC site offers you 1 cent click per advertisement. Currently, Buxto which offers you 0.01 euro is down. Hopefully they will come back online as I can't wait to join the site.

What make Pay2Surf different from your typical PTC site is its floating rate click. If you happen to be in the site when there are many users online, you get a higher rate. So far, I am getting 4 cents to 11 cents per advertisement click. Yes, it definitely pay you much more than 1 cent. I have logged in thrice but account balance already shown more than a dollar in income.

Yes, this is a new site and the risk that you have to take is it might no paid. But by being the first few on the boat, the chances of getting payment is high as the site owner want to attract a lot of people to sign up.

So the sooner you sign up, the higher payment you will get and the lesser chance of not getting paid. If you are a die-hard fan of PTC, just add this site to your daily PTC clickings. You can also check out the Great PTC sites that I recommend.

Another higher than 1 cent typical PTC is X3Bux. It gives you one dollar sign up and 2 cents per click. Payout is at 5 dollars. The catch is you must be willing to watch adult content!

UPDATE 30 Aug 08 X3Bux had bite the dust! In fact, there isn't any trail of dust left! And I saw my money in it bid FAREWELL to me!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

How to get referrals

I don't know about you but it is sure tough to get referrals for the programs you are promoting. Maybe I should post inflated earnings in those programs to attract them but I have my credibility to keep.

A good place to start is GetRef. There are 3 ways to earn credits to be used for getting referrals. To have your credits, you can join program, click on advertisements and get referrals for GetRef. If these are too time consuming for you, money can be used to get credits and then used for getting referrals to your programs that you have joined in the Spend section.