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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Only $2.00!

No! I am not asking you to buy the cheap $2 products out in the market. I am talking about a low $2 payout ptc site.

In addition to that, Bullbux not only gives you 1 cent for each your click but also 1 cent for all of your referral clicks.

The bad news is you will have to view a minimum of 150 ads yourself before being able to request payout. Bullbux pay you through AlertPay but if you want to get paid in PayPal, you must uprade your account to premium membership which will cost you $20 a year. Premium membership will entitle you to an additional 15% first level referrals earnings and 5 free referrals.

Do not try to cheat at Bullbux by registering multiple accounts with same ip address or different country names as all of your accounts will be terminated without notice.

UPDATE 22 SEP 08 Minimum payout raised to $5 but can be withdraw through PayPal. Your click is now worth $0.0125 each.

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