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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another option for freelance writer!

I normally see forum members recommending Helium, Triond and Associate Content to people who are interested to write and get paid for their writing masterpieces. Today I come across another site that also pays you for your writing skill.

Have you heard of Demand Studios? They normally pay $15 for your writing articles but these jobs are real tough to complete. So they come up with $5 an article which is much easier to write. You can either choose the title of the informative articles that they offer or you can submit your own article title for approval.

If you want to know some sample articles that they accept, read the informative articles in E-how,,, Expert Village or . Yep, these articles in these sites might come from Demand Studios.

Before registering yourself as a writer in the site, I think it is better if you get the following files ready.
1. resume (Ahem, as in when you are applying for a job)
2. sample work ( sort of a test so that they can evaluate you)
3. link or website or related work ( show your credibility -> you could put down the link of the site that you have your article published)

I know that after applying as a writer in Demand Studios, you will be impatient to get yourself approved. However, it does take some time for your application to be approved. So login to the site often to check the status of your application.


Hui Ling said...

Wow, great find and feel this is something good!

Mailbog ClickMarbin said...

wow this is nice...i may try this soon, but i think i need to be more articulate in my writing so i can compete

flowerhorn said...

Well, clickmarbin, I think your English is good enough to qualify yourself!