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Friday, September 05, 2008

Wall Street Survivor

Are you interested in getting a taste of how it feel like to play the stock market? Or do you want to learn how to play the stock market without the associated risk? Then, how about showing off your trading skills minus the financial risk?Well, if you are really that GOOD, you might be able to win some real cash in trading the stocks in Wall Street Survivor.

After registering yourself at Wall Street Survivor, you will be given $100,000 virtual cash to make your trading there. Wow, with $100,000 in hand, I guess you must be impatient in making your first trade and would like to know how to go about it.

Before committing your money, I would advise you to check out the Trading Ideas or Market Summary page to locate the stock that you want to trade. Then, find out the ticker symbol of the stock that you have chosen in Symbol Lookup link under the Trade tab.

Finally, go to the Make a Trade link under the Trade tab to key in the following info:
stock ticker symbol
quantity of stock you want to trade
the stock order type ( market, limit or stop)
action : buy, sell, short or cover
duration: good for the day or good till cancelled (validity of your trade order)

There are lots of cashes, Amazon gift certificates and a holiday package to be won in the daily, weekly and monthly contests. You just have to get yourself in the top 10 spots of the weekly contest or top 50 places in the monthly contest. If you make a trade, you will be eligible for a random draw of a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

You can also earn loyalty points by inviting your friends to join Wall Street Survivor.

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