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Monday, September 15, 2008

Get yourself some KFC coupons or USD3!

This is not exactly my typical money making ways but it does bring in some money for you. If you don't like money, you could get some KFC coupons as well. So visit Jayce Ooi's blog this month to grab yourself some cash or coupons by participating in the contests there.

Weekly contest answer

Yep, I hope I am lucky enough to win something there in the end of this month. Interested? Then all you got to do is to click on this link.


JayceOoi said...

Please leave your post link. Not your website link. Thanks. ;)

JayceOoi said...

Hi Hi, you are one of the contest winners. Please send your full name and house address to my email. I will send the KFC voucher to your then. :)

flowerhorn said...

Thanks! Already done that!