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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Earn money by sharing your opinions on websites!

Is it very difficult to write a 50 words review on the website that you have visited? Of course, not! I know you can write more but that is the minimum number of words that you need to write to earn some money in Ximmy.

Share your experience and opinion on the site that you have visited with the users in Ximmy. Don't write any description on the site or else your review might be rejected as users can visit the site to know about it.

To start writing your opinion, click the red "Submit a Link To Ximmy" button after you logged in. Then select your submission type: news, video or pictures and key in the URL that you intend to review.After that, key in the title of your review and you can start to write your 2 to 4 sentences review. Finally select the category of your review and click the Preview and Submit button. 10 points will credited to your account for each review that is published in Ximmy. You can submit up to 8 reviews in a day. Referring a friend who sign up for Ximmy will earn you 15 points. Payment is via PayPal.

The table below show the number of points need to be redeemed to cash.
Points Rewards
1,000 $10
1,800 $20
3,200 $40
6,000 $80
12,000 $160
20,000 $300

There is also an affiliate program in Ximmy where you can sign up separately to promote Ximmy on your blog/website. 50 cents is paid to you for referring an active user. You will also get a $5 bonus when you sign up. Payment is $25 via PayPal.

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