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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Take a break!

Well, this post is just what the title hinted. Take a break! No money making sites in here. After endless hours pouring your time and efforts in those paying sites, it is time for you to spend some leisurely time. You earned it and you just got to reward yourself from being burned out!

How about getting to know some magic tricks that involved cards and coins? They could come in handy especially during some birthday parties or carnivals or some gatherings and might also serve as an ice breaker! Check out the Free Magic Tricks.

If magic is no your cup of tea, why don't you try the following game: Treasure Fall. You can download it by visiting Mountain King and key in Treasure Fall in the search bar in the site. I just hope that you don't get too addicted to the game and neglect your works.

For those of you who want to use your brain even during your leisure time, you can take a look at online business simulation game, The Kapilands. After registering yourself, click on the Production tab, then click on the ready status beside the building and enter 10 in the seed column and finally click on the Produce Now button. Congratulation! You are on your way in making your first production in the site.

Be sure to click on the blue phone in the left hand side of your screen should you forget how to play the game when you check back to the site later on.

What? You can't afford so much time to play a game? You only have about 5 minutes. Then check out this video on How to behave on a forum? Be sure to turn your speakers on! It is pretty funny!

Finally, if you are into online money making sites, check out the GoldAge forum. Aside from getting more information, you might be able to earn some money from it from the contest and prize being held there.

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