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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Make money with surfbar!

Are you online most of the time? If yes, then you can make some money out of it by displaying a surfbar anywhere in your screen. By doing so, you will be earning points which can be converted into Euro at the beginning of the next month. Minimum payout is at €15 via PayPal.

To sign up at Smartbarre, click on the banner above. The French site will open in English which will make it easier for you to register. Click on the activation link after you receive an email from Smartbarre. After logging in by keying in your registered email and password, click this link to download the surfbar. Don't use the English download surfbar link you see in the site! It won't work!

Every now and then, the surfbar will confirm your presence by asking you to key in certain codes that are displayed in the surfbar. The good thing about this verification process is the surfbar will place itself in the center of your screen when it requires you to key in the code.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you fail to validate the code that appeared within one minute for 5 times in a day, your account will be suspended for the day. If you do this often, your Smartbarre account will be permanently banned!

So before you move away from the pc, make sure you right click the MENU bar in the surfbar and hit the Deconnexion tab to disconnect your view on the advertisements in the surfbar.

Smartbarre's points conversion rate is around 0.9 centimes for 1,000 points. Centimes is 1/100 of an euro. You can check out the latest conversion rate by visiting the Smartbarre forum.

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