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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Become a VIP in PTCNation

If you are an avid PTC clicker, you would know that you need to pay to upgrade your membership to become a premium or VIP member.

But at PTCNation, you can do it for FREE! as PTCNation is now in its Pre Launch stage. (I think it will last a month until the Grand Opening Day) . As the site is in Pre Launch stage in which you are a tester, you will be rewarded with 6-month VIP membership and the top 3 clickers during the Prelaunch stage will receive a cash out!  

As a VIP member, you will  enjoy the following privileges:
1. get to click the last 25% of an ads, (shown by the yellow star on the right of the ads)
2. aside from your 1 cent click, your referral click will earn you 1 cent. Min payout is at $3. 
3. cheaper renting referral rate. 

Don't forget to check out the Advertise tab as you can get 25 ads views of your site for FREE !  

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