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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where is the traffic ?

Well, now I have some money making contents here. And I need to find some traffic as it is pretty quiet over here. Sure hope the roads and highways are like the situation here in this blog. It looks like a ghost town to me but not for long.

As you have noticed, I have been using Link Referral and ClickThru to get some traffic here. Feeling not satisfied with the current countryside traffic generated, I decide to search the net today which leads me to blog exchanges such as Blog Explosion and Blog Mad. Didn't have much time to delve into it after joining but they ranked high in Alexa. Do make a comment in this posting or shoutbox if you would like to share more information with our readers and me. Thanks in advance.

However, if you have Adsense in your blog, it is better not to resort to traffic exchange to generate your traffic. Your guess is as good as mine in whether they will ban you or not. It is better to play safe than sorry.

Posting your link in a forum posting such as Mylot is another way to bring in the traffic. The good thing about Mylot is you are given a profile page to list your blog URL and its associated banners. So after befriending Mylotters, they will visit your profile and get to know the promotional stuff there.

Today I discovered two blog directories which can send visitors to your site. Try it out yourself!
Blog Showoff
Blog Hub

With the above steps, can I get traffic jams here? You 'll know when you cannot access this blog.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My articles on Associated Content

I am feeling very ecstasy this morning as 5 of my articles already being published by Associated Content. This is in contrast of how I feel last week as my initial two submissions were deemed too promotional. Even though I did not receive any upfront payment, I view this as an residue income for life. Talk about positive thinking and I have it all here.

If you intend to write for Associate Content, do a keyword search in their site. If the topic that you intend to write have a lot of publications there, you can forget about that. Try to pick topic that will draw the readers attention and you will sure to get more page views. Pay particular attention to spellings and grammar mistakes in addition to inserting a space between sentences and between a comma and the following words for getting your articles published. They are very fuzzy on these tiny issues.

However you still have to promote your articles in various ways such as submitting it in Digg, Stumbleupon, answering people's questions in Yahoo!Answer or Yedda, or even emailing the article links to your friends . The more you do for your promotion, the more page views you will get which will be translated to a higher earnings.
A sample of my published articles is available here. If you would like to read all my articles there, go to my content provider page. You can even subscribe to me there to receive my new articles publications. If you would like to do the same, leave a comment on this post and I will check your publications as well.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


You might be wondering why people care so much about blog or website Page Rank. Well, if you have a blog with a Page Rank of 3 or 4, you will get better offer for posting a review or article by Pay Per Post or Sponsored Reviews. A higher Page Ranks also get you higher placement in a search engine such as Google.

One of the ways to increase your Page Rank is through exchanging backlinks which can be quite mundane and frustrating. Qassia offers you a chance to add in your blog link with unlimited quality backlinks without the need to put in a single cent and the best part is you don't have to add any reciprocal links in your website.

To get a direct backlink to your blog, you need to write an intel. Intel is intelligence, i.e. any tidbit of information. Intel can be a detailed and lengthy academic treatise. But more often it will be just one paragraph with some information only a few people know about. You can write intel in any style you like, and your intel will not get edited by anyone except you. Users may add intel about anything, irrespective of what their websites are about.

Adding in an intel also give you credit in the form of Qassia dollars. The more Qassia dollars you earned, the higher will be the ranking of your blog in their directory. Another benefit of joining Qassia is you can put your adsense advertisements in Qassia and enjoy 100% earnings on it if anyone clicks them while reading your intel.

As Qassia which is launched in the beginning of this year is now in closed beta phase, you cannot join directly. Maybe you would like to join by clicking here as my my referral. Don't worry, I won't get any money from your signing up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All in One

I have been looking for a free traffic exchange to boost my blog visibility and signups for the programs that I promote. My discovery of EnchantedHits as a credible traffic exchange that not only fulfills the above purposes but also let you get paid led me to signup immediately. EnchantedHits lets you surf other members sites automatically to earn credits for your sites to be displayed. While you're surfing, look out for the slot wheel at the lower left hand corner of your screen. Clicking it to spin the reels could earn you an extra 25 credits. It comes up often throughout the day and can add plenty of extra credits to your account.

The site also has a weekly and monthly surfing contests that allow you to earn cash as well as all the free traffic. Top surfers will earn cash in these contests. EnchantedHits allows you to promote your site to visitors via site views and banner impressions.

As I am new to EnchantedHits, I am still looking out for the Cash Mine Page where clicking on it will earn you cash rewards. Browsing the net, I find that EnchantedHits is certified free from adware, scam, spyware and spam by McAfee Site Advisor.

Where else you could get free traffic plus getting paid for it? So far, as I know, only EnchantedHits and GalacticGold let you do that. Even though GalacticGold also rewards its top surfers, it doesn't let you surf members websites automatically. When its 25 sec timer is up, you have to click certain number or alphabet to move on to the next site.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Great PTC Sites

After scouring the various websites in the net, I come to the conclusion that the following PTC sites do pay its members for the hard work they performed in clicking the ads.All the websites listed here are free to join and only required you to click on advertisements.Some have low minimum payout and all are open to international members.

neobux When your account balance reaches 2 dollars, you have to request payout.

clixncash The good thing about clixncash is you can withdraw payment to your PayPal account once your balance shows 0.25.Thus, you don't have to feel worried for not being able to get your hard earned cash. Each click is worth 1 cent. The same goes for your referral's click.Payout request is 10 dollars. You will get 9 cents when you sign up.

Clix Sense Minimum payment of 10 dollars will be mailed to your address when your account balance reaches that amount.

Hits4Pay An amount of 10 dollars will credited to your account for joining. Each click is worth 2 cents, each referral and referral's referral click is 1 cent. Minimum cashout is 25 dollars.

PersianPTC Sign up bonus is 10 cents and each click earns you 1 to 5 cents. 5 dollars min payout.

Clicksia Each click is worth 0.002 cents each. However,payout is at 2 dollars via PayPal, AlertPay or E-Gold.

E-mailpaysu Signing up will earn you 10 dollars.Clicking at the email advertisement link that sent to you will earn you 2 cents. Beside that, playing game and taking parts in surveys will earn you money. The website does take sometimes to get use to. Cashout is at 50 dollars.

PT Cash Your referral and your click is worth 1 cent. Sign up bonus is 5 cent.Cashout is at 5 dollars.

Busy Click Cash withdrawal is at 2 dollars via E-Gold, MoneyBookers or AlertPay.

Earn 3 Cashout is at 10 dollars via AlertPay.

Bux4All A new PTC site that offers 1 cent per click and a low cashout of 2 dollars via AlerPay.

I would like to offer Daily Clicks which offers lots of clicks daily but it seems that it might be a SCAM as many people are waiting for payout, some as long as 3 months.

Sponsored Reviews Affiliate Program

Sponsored Reviews will pay bloggers for writing reviews for advertisers on their blog. Unlike other paid to review sites, Sponsored Reviews also pay you for promoting it.

As an affiliate, you can make up to $175 per advertiser and $90 per blogger that you referred. Earning will be paid monthly by Sponsored Reviews.

To be part of Shared Reviews affiliate team, all you have to do is to join now.

Writing for Associated Content

How did I found out about Associated Content? It is from my participation in discussion at Mylot.You can discover a lot of ways to earn a little extra of online money there.After going through all those discussion, I decided to register for Associated Content to start my first article writing.

They are very fuzzy as they have rejected two of my initial articles which they found to be too "promotional" . And they mentioned that not to resubmit it under nonexclusive terms. As I am not one of those who give up easily,I submitted my third article and was published recently.So here it is : Quick Ways to Slow Motion Sickness .

Associate Content will pay upfront payment for those residing in the States while international members will only be eligible for performance payment. Performance payment lets you earn money per 1,000 page views.Currently the rate is 1.50 for 1,000 views. I like the idea of doing work once and get unlimited payment throughout my lifetime. To me, it acts as a source of residue income for my total earning. If you share the same idea as me, start writing your first article for Associate Content.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Money Can Be Made By Rating A Review!

Yes, it is possible! Voting other people's reviews can generate incomes for you. This is happening at Shared Reviews. A portion of the money earned by the voted reviews will be split among those who vote for the reviews and credited to your account.

If you would like to make more money, you would have to write a review for others to vote. And if your review contribute earnings to Shared Reviews, 50% of the revenue earned will be paid to you. So the more reviews you wrote, the higher the possibilities you will earn more.

To maximize the potentials for your reviews to earn more, try to write quality reviews and make as many friends as possible so that they can be in the community that might vote for your reviews.

Searching Can Get You Paid

Everyone who surf the internet are bound to use a search engine at one time or another to find somethings that interest them.
In addition to the searching, would you like to be paid for each search that you make? Then you must join My Search Funds. With My Search Funds as your search provider, you will get your search results after My Search Funds queries Google,Yahoo!, Ask and Windows Live Search Search Engines.

Joining is free and you will be guided on how to set up the My Search Funds bar on your browser.You will need the support of an IE7 or Mozilla Firefox. browser

After joining and do some searchings, you can log in to My Search Funds homepage to check your earnings. You also get paid for the searches done by your referrals.

We advise you to do your searches normally as before joining My Search Funds. Delibrate attempts of searches to generate incomes irregardless of the result of your searches will get your account banned. Let get started earning cash for your searches with My Search Funds.

Getting the most out of Mylot

Some people are addicted to posting messages in forum as in here, you can meet and chat with people all around the world who have the same interests as you. Actually it is a fun place to kill your time. Wouldn't it be great if while doing the postings, the forum also pay you a little bit of money? It surely is a dream come true as you are paid for doing what you like.

Then welcome to Mylot. Mylot is an active and vibrant forum that pays its members to participate. You get paid when you post a discussion questions and receive and leave comments, uploading pictures and referring friends to it. Mylot will award you star beside your avatar when you have made one hundred postings.The number in the star indicates the quality of your postings and this can vary as you continue to do postings. Th number in the bracket signifies the number of postings you have made.
However, the money you earned there might be very little and many paid to writers say it is a sheer waste of time. But for me, it sure beats posting for free while making friends globally.

If you join Mylot,you can see many people post one or two sentences in their comments. An answer or comment posting such as this will really earn you peanuts or maybe nothing at all. There are, of course, ways to get more money from your participation in Mylot.

Start with posting an interesting discussion question.It will attract a lot of answers from the people in the forum. The longer the discussion thread, the more money you will be able to earn. Your discussion question should be in the range of 5 to 6 sentences and has an accompany picture. Try to comment all the answers given in your discussion. Tagging your discussion question with a few keywords will make it easier for people to find your discussion and participate in it.

Also don't forget to rate the comments you get in your discussion if the comments are very informative or virse versa. This is done by clicking on the little plus or minus sign beside the discussion and comments.

Try to get more referrals who like to post.Their active participations in the forum will put additional money into your pockets in addition to your own posting. By now, you might ask where to get referrals who are active in posting? You can start by searching for people in paid to post forums. They will be more than happy to sign up under you as they have another avenue for earning money online. Another place that you try is Here, you also search for people who like to make money online. And when you find their profiles, you can send a message and your referral link to them. Emailing your referral link to your friends and posting your link on your blog and website are another method to earn you extra referrals.

Another method to get you more money in Mylot is to upload images to your interest sections. You can create as many interest sections as you like and the more images you put under those sections, the more will be your earnings. Posting images can earn you more than answering or starting a discussion in Mylot.
I would say Mylot is a perfect place for people who are seeking to get more visitors to their site or to get signup for certain programs. It is also an avenue to discover more methods to earn money online. Not only that,you will learn which online earning money site is a SCAM as mylotters are very friendly in sharing this information. During my time there, I get to know there are a lot of PTC and GPT sites that do not pay its subscribers after all the efforts they put in clicking the advertisements and emails.
So click here if you want to get a taste of Mylot offerings.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Writing reviews for beginners

There are hundred and one ways of making money on the internet. Today I am going to talk about writing reviews for beginners. The idea of writing reviews scares away many people from getting started as they normally think that one must have a vast product knowledge and a great commands of English at their disposal to start writing reviews.

I, for one, also think the same way! What change my perception is when I found out about Review Stream and looked at the reviews being written there. "Hey! I can do that",I said to myself. And that is what started me writing reviews. This site is excellent for beginner reviewer to test the water; you can use it as a stepping stone in your journey of writing reviews.

The good thing about Review Stream is your review length isn't specified. However, if too short a review is being submitted,it will get rejected. In my opinion, it would take in anything from 120 words. And you can review on anything! Yes, that includes yourself too. What is important here is the site would like to hear your personal opinion,be it good or bad. Your opinion weighs in gold for them.

However,as with anything good,there are some bad points as well. The site does not look very professional and you won't get registered as a member. Whenever you want to write and submit your review,you have to key in the same information over and over again. Although some of this data can be posted automatically by your browser, you still have to go through filling in data such as title, category etc. I would recommend you use a yahoo or gmail account as your contact email as the site email came from yahoo and goggle email. There are times you won't get any feedback when you use some other emails. Please choose the email that you are going to liase with them carefully as this email also serve an id for your PayPal account payment. You cannot change the email half way through your reviews submission.

If you change to another email account, the balance of your account will start from zero again.This means that you are opening another account with them.However,all is not lost as PayPal do accept multiple id email.Just log in to the PayPal site and add in your new email address.

The current payment amount is 40 cents for bulk rate and 2 dollars for regular submission.What this means is simply if they find your review quality a bit on the low side,they will pay you the bulk rate while a review that fulfill their expectation will earn you 2 dollars. Coming to think of it, it is really not that difficult. Al you have to do is write a few sentences on yourself and you already start the money flowing in.

It takes about 72 working hours for your review to be accepted or declined.An email from Review Stream's yahoo account will be sent to you informing you of the status of your review and the associated payment amount. As you begin to submit additional reviews, the total amount balance will be shown in the email as well.There are no limits on the reviews that you can submit each day.It is entirely up to you. I would advise you to check on your corresponding email after you submit your review at the site in order to confirm that they really received your review.Some people argue that they are not paid for their reviews and say this site is a SCAM. However, most of the people who submit their reviews do get paid, as I believe there is some misunderstandings between the site owner and the reviewers.

For those who already started,I would like to give you this piece of advice. Write your review on notepad and then paste it to the review content column in the site or write your review there and paste it to notepad to keep a backup copy. So if they really didn't received your review,all you have to do is go to the website again and click the big green WRITE REVIEW button and paste your review content to the respective column. It will take out the frustration in keying your review again from memory.

You will have to request for payment once your balance touches 50 dollars by emailing to them. So,let get a taste of your first review writing by clicking here.