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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gomez still pay me!

Would you believe this? Gomez still paid me up to NOW! I did join Gomez back in 2008. At that time, there are many sceptical people wondering whether Gomez is for real. Some even say that it will just disappear for the net after awhile.

Guess the payment proof from Gomez above will put all those doubters at rest. It been two years and Gomez still pay me without me even requesting for the payment. They will automatically pay me the following month time once my balance is more than USD5. What has changed is the rate of online time has been reduced to 8 cents compared to 10 cents when I joined initially.

However, I won't complain as I practically don't have to do anything to get my payment from Gomez. Like I said back then, if your pc is online most of the time, Gomez is definitely suitable for you in providing a very tiny revenue stream for you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Website Owners Make Thousands With Adsense?

I have come across countless website owners whop claim that they are making thousands of dollars each month with Adsense. Some even posted proofs of their earnings with snapshots of their cheques from Google.

It sure fires up my motivation and interest in using adsense as one of the way to earn lots of money online with it and clear any lingering doubt that I have in using adsense to make money online. However, the only problem that I face is they won't reveal the website that makes them so much money. Of course, if not everyone will started duplicating the same sites and make the competition very fierce.

Now there is a way to discover their money making adsense sites if you have SeoQuake plug into your browser. The tool to discover the money making sites is with AdsSpy. AdsSpy is integrated with SeoQuake and when you visit those sites that have adsense on it, you can also discover other websites that are associated with the same adsense publisher and thus you can learn a great deal on how they design and optimize all their sites to rake in thousands of dollars from adsense.

Not only will AdsSpy reveals the other sites that contain adsense but also other leading advertisers such as YPN, Chitika and Amazon.

It is indeed a tool that one cannot do without if he is really serious on making money from the net.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making Money On The Internet With EcBarre!

Yes, now making money on the internet is possible with showing an ad in your computer screen. The ad banner will occupy a small portion of your screen and it can be moved anywhere on the screen to make money for you.

You will be able to earn Barre points which will converted at the beginning of the next month. Keeping the ad running and continuing to do your work from your computer will continuously make more money for you. Just remember to key in the authentication code that pops in occasionally to verify that you are present in front of your computer.

Well, if you want to make making money on the internet a reality, join EcBarre now. Since the site is in French, you might need a little help here.

After the page come out on your screen, look for the Inscription tab (under Menu Principal on the upper left hand side of the screen) and click on it. Fill in the particulars and click the Valider button.

You will receive an activation email within 48 hours after you registered. When you received it, activate and log into your account. To get the ad banner displayed on your screen, click on the telecharger la barre . When a new screen appear, download and install the .net framework and EC-Barre (ECBarre_V_01.exe) software.

To get more points, you could also click the clic remuneres tab. Ad banners worth 15 points and 8 points will be displayed on the screen and to earn these points, click on the banners.

You will be able to request payout when your account has 15 euro in it. And there you have it. Making money on the internet with EcBarre!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

How To Make More Money with Neobux! $0.0125 a click?

Neobux is the paid to click (PTC) site that you must join if you want to get paid for clicking ads. It is a 100% legit ptc sites that pays its users. With over 2 millions members in the site, I guess it won't resort to scamming and run away with our money in the site.

You will get instant payment when you request payment via Paypal or Alertpay. First payment request is at $2, second $3, third $4 and up to $10. After that, it will stay at $10.

So how do you make more money with Neobux without investing? Join under me and I will give you 50% of the earning that I make from you. You will get $0.01 from Neobux and $0.0025 from me for each of your click in Neobux.

Let me know your user name and PayPal email address so that I can pay you by leaving a comment in this post. You will get paid when you want to be paid. Just let me know ! I will pay you even if the payment amount is only a few cents!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make cash with Smstafford

Manual surf, autosurf, and paid to click ads. All these tasks can make cash for you in Smstafford. The script used in this site is similar to Mashro3nabux but Mashro3nabux will only pay you when you have $10 in your account and the payment processors they used are AlertPay and E-Gold. Click here for more information on Mashro3nabux.

So what are the differences of this site? Currently there are two ads in the Paid To Click Ads tab that are worth $0.04 and $0.16 each. And to top it up, you can request for a payout in PayPal when you have $1 in your account. Go to Member Profile Editor to key in your PayPal payment processor email to get payout.

Well, you might think that it is a scam but I will post my payment proof here when I receive payout from them.

UPDATE 30 Nov 08 : Need to buy or invest at least $10 in the site to get paid. So Sayonara SMStafford!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Make cash with Paid to Promote

Get paid To Promote at any Location

Place a promotional code in Paid to Promote and you will be able to make cash out of it everytime someone in United States, Canada, Britain and Australia visit your website. When they stay on the page that contains the promotional code for more than 5 sec, your account will be credited.

Cash out is via PayPal or E-Gold and will be paid on the 15th and 30th of the month if your account has a minimum of $1 in it. There are 2 referral levels in Paid to Promote in which you will be able to earn 10% for direct referral and 5% for 2nd lever referral.

Select the payment mode properly during registration as you cannot change it in the site.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Make cash with PaidMailz

Aside from being paid for reading emails and signup offers, yo will also get a chance to click at those ads in the PaidMailz. Each ads will pay you anywhere from $0.025 to 2 cents but currently I only saw $0.025 ads in it.

And that is not all that you will find in PaidMailz. There is a tab called Daily Clicks where you can earn $0.06 for performing a price comparison search and click through to a result. If you are not sure on how to perform the task, you can get help by viewing a video tutorial on how to go about earning your $0.06 daily. Only 1 search can be performed daily.

PaidMailz is open to all inhabitants in this world but UK members will be able to get more earning from the site. Cashout is at a low $1 via PayPal. The good thing about this site is it will be around for some time as I am pretty sure not many people would be interested for such a way to make money. Anyway, to those of you who still have interest in such a way to make money online, just click the banner below.

Hmmm, since the payout is only at $1, I will give you 50% of what I made from you. When I received the money from them, I will pay you through your PayPal account that you sent me. No joke, I meant it. Just state your username and PayPal account email and send it to