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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Get paid by writing short reviews!

Ciao pays you $1 when your 120 words product review is rated at least once. In addition to that, your review will also earn 1 cent if it is being read by someone and up to 3 cents for receiving positive ratings ( helpful, very helpful or exceptional) by Ciao community members.

The rate of the rating of your reviews are indicated by the the dollar signs which appear next to the name of the product on the product overview page. No dollar sign means you won't get any money for the member's rating while one dollar sign will indicate 1 cent per rating, two dollar signs 2 cents and so on.

Minimum payout amount is $5 via PayPal. You have to make a request for payment and you will receive money in your PayPal account in the middle of the following month. If you want to know how much you have earned from your most recent product reviews, click the My Ciao button and then click the Account tab. After that, check out the Bonus Program content.

What are you waiting for? Let start Ciaoing to earn some real cash!

Note: There is also a UK Ciao site that will only pay you in cash if you are a UK resident. For international member, you can join the concerned site but you won't received any cash from them. However, you will be paid in gift certificate.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Surviving PTC sites!

Lately, there are many ptc sites that were hacked and bit the dust. However, the few here are still surviving and seems to have beaten the odds.

Mainbux has been monitored as a paying site for 36 days. Each clicks earn you $0.01 and $0.005 per referral clicks. Minimum payout is at $6.99 (ignore the $3.99 in the banner as min payout amount has been raised in the beginning of Aug) via AlertPay. You must click at least 50 ads to request payout.

Unlike most ptc sites which pay you $0.01 for watching an ads for 30 seconds, Clickin' Me only require you to spend 20 sec on it. Another good thing about Clickin' Me is that you can click the same ads in a day after 12 hours. Payout is also very low; $1.99 via AlertPay. If you want to get the rates in the banner, you have to pay $79.97 to become a lifetime premium member.

UPDATE 16 OCT '08 Bid farewell to Clickin'Me as it only permits withdrawal by bank wire transfer!

TheRichCash pays you $0.005 per ads view and $0.0025 per referral ads view. Cash out is at $3 (raised from $1.5 in 7th Jul '08) via AlertPay.

The Buxs banner says it all. Payout is through AlertPay.

Each of your ad click in ClickBux will earn you $0.02. Referral click is at $0.01. Cash out is at $4.99 via AlertPay. If you want to be paid in PayPal, click on the Contact tab in ClickBux and make your request in the Comments field.

UPDATE 16 Oct '08 ClickBux has become ClickPTC. The click that you make now will earn $0.01 now but lasts only 20 sec!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 ways to earn at PTP4Ever

Could you see the PTP banner on your screen? Well, it has just earn me $0.0004. Thanks. You can also do the same by joining PTP4Ever. Not only will you be paid $0.40 per cpm for displaying banners in your site, you can also get paid by promoting a web page on the net by using autosurf, safelists, blogs, forums and emails.

The payment rate for displaying the URL is as follow:
1. $2 per cpm with the break frame URL provided
2. $1.2 per cpm with the normal version (can be promoted anywhere)
3. $0.60 per cpm with the light version.

I think PTP4Ever is the only site in the web where you can get an outrageous 50% of your referrals earnings. $0.20 will be yours if you sign up in PTP4Ever. Cash out is at $1 via PayPal or e-gold.

One final reminder: enter your account once a month or send at least one valid hit every week. If not, your account might be suspended.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Get a free share and earn money daily!

At MyFreeShares, you will get a free share after joining. Bet you are not satisfied with just one share. Would you like to have more shares? Then , do the followings:
1. click the links in MyFreeShares.
2. sign up for free and paid offers.
3. purchase advertising in MyFreeShares. ( 2 shares are awarded for $1 advertisement)
4. refer people to MyFreeShares. ( 1 share for an active referral)

N0w that you have many shares, you might ask "What's next?". The advertising money earned daily in MyFreeShares will be given to you according to the number of shares you have. For example, if today earning is $10 and there are a total of 1,000 shares and you owe 100 shares, then
your earning for today=$10/1,000x100=$1

So from now onwards, everyday is a pay day for you. A residual income for life. Not happy with the amount of money you have? Then get more shares to earn a bigger portion of MyFreeShares daily earning. Cash out is at $10 through AlertPay, PayPal, and E-gold. Make sure you log in at least once every 100 days to prevent your account from being terminated.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Play the stock market?

Are you crazy? You might say so. The market is very BAD at the moment. It is only heading one way which is SOUTH! It has made me lost an uncountable amount of money. I don't want to lost money anymore playing it.

Then, how about playing a virtual stock market? Would you like to enjoy the fun of the game again without paying a single cent? Better still, you will be given $1 to play the game in StockWe when you register. In StockWe, 5 stocks are available for trading and their values will be updated every 10 minutes for 24/7. No commission will be charged for a stock purchase while a 1% commission will be imposed when you sell a stock. You can buy or sell any stock at any time that you wish as the trading rule is T+0.

A stock will be suspended when its price drops to lower than $0.05. A warning will be given to you if you purchase a high risk stock.

Does it sound like the real thing? If yes, get yourself an e-Gold account if you don't have one and then make your registration at StockWe.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

23 cents for less than 10 minutes!

No, your eyes are OK and so is your screen. You might be asking how can this be possible? By now, I think you have heard countless bad stories about HYIP. And I believe you would never invest in one in your life.

Please remember one thing! I would never suggest anything that need money to make money. The HYIP site that I am going to recommend here only requires you to spend less than 10 minutes of your time to make 23 cents daily. In Tegoi, you would need to auto surf 30 sites to make your earnings there. When the balance has reached $10, you can used to invest in the HYIP programs there or simply withdraw the money from your account.

For those of you who do ptc ads daily, I think this method is much more profitable than clicking the ads yourself. 23 cents for less than 10 minutes! When you have registered yourself in Tegoi, you will be given $15. If you are thinking of withdrawing the $15, you are pushing the realm of reality a bit too far. Use it to get the profit in the auto surf program there. When you see the green surf button, click on it and do your 30 surf sites. If the item for "Next surf in" is in RED color, come back another time. Your balance will be displayed after you reached $10 in your account.

UPDATE 20 Aug 08: Forget about Tegoi! The admin didn't even bother to renew the site hosting after expiry last week.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A 10 cents payout site and a paying site

ChampionMails gives you 10 cents payout through your PayPal account. ChampionMails is a Pay Per Action site where you get a little richer by reading e-mails, clicking ads and signing up at websites.

In addition to that, for every 100 clicks done there, someone will be chosen to receive 1 cent. Sign up bonus of 1 cent will be given to you too. Currently, the admin also has a monthly click contest where the top 50 clickers will win a bonus. Be careful with the cheat links there as if you click a total of 3 cheat links, you won't get paid.

By the way, I got paid in Paypal by Clixncash in 2 days after requesting payout. The minimum payout there is 25 cents only.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Little Richer With Idle PC!

What? Money can be made with idle pc? Yes, why not? Install Gomez Peer and let it run in the background. That's it.Your job is done on making money in Gomez. If not for an icon in the system tray, you might even forgotten that you have installed Gomez Peer after some time.

Your pc will periodically request work unit from Gomez servers when it has spare capacity. Gomez will pay you for your online time and work processed time. Actually, your pc spare capacity is utilized to test and improve websites performance in the net. Your pc is just one of the hundred of thousand pc in the world that are used for this testing.

The best news is you can install Gomez Peer to multiple pc that are connected to the net. Be sure to link them all to your User name (account) and each pc has an unique pc name.

At CPUShare, you can sell your pc idle resources to people who are interested to use it for their processing work. Your pc will be a part of a Low Cost P2P Virtual Supercomputer available for use by anyone. The price of using your resources is up to you to set; you can charge CPUCoins or set the currency and the amount you wished to be paid.