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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making Money On The Internet With EcBarre!

Yes, now making money on the internet is possible with showing an ad in your computer screen. The ad banner will occupy a small portion of your screen and it can be moved anywhere on the screen to make money for you.

You will be able to earn Barre points which will converted at the beginning of the next month. Keeping the ad running and continuing to do your work from your computer will continuously make more money for you. Just remember to key in the authentication code that pops in occasionally to verify that you are present in front of your computer.

Well, if you want to make making money on the internet a reality, join EcBarre now. Since the site is in French, you might need a little help here.

After the page come out on your screen, look for the Inscription tab (under Menu Principal on the upper left hand side of the screen) and click on it. Fill in the particulars and click the Valider button.

You will receive an activation email within 48 hours after you registered. When you received it, activate and log into your account. To get the ad banner displayed on your screen, click on the telecharger la barre . When a new screen appear, download and install the .net framework and EC-Barre (ECBarre_V_01.exe) software.

To get more points, you could also click the clic remuneres tab. Ad banners worth 15 points and 8 points will be displayed on the screen and to earn these points, click on the banners.

You will be able to request payout when your account has 15 euro in it. And there you have it. Making money on the internet with EcBarre!