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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Manual surf can make money for you

EasyHits4U pays its members $0.30 for each 1,000 sites you visited. Minimum payout is only $3 via AlerPay, PayPal or E-gold. You also get $0.10 for ever person you refer to the site that surfs at least 100 sites.

The site has a 5-tier referral program. You will get
10% of hits earned by people you directly refer,
5% of the hits earned by the people referred by your referrals,
3% of the hits earned by the 3 level referrals,
2% of the hits earned by the 4th level referrals,
1% of the hits earned by the 5th level referrals.

You will get 50 free credits after sign up if you have surf 50 sites.

For the month of Sep '08, they have a surf contest in which surfing 10,000+ sites during the month will entitle you to get the following rewards:
$2 cash + 5 000 banner impressions + 5 Premium days each.
Top 10 surfer during this month will get
triple prize instead: $6 cash + 15 000 banner impressions + 15 Premium days each.

Make sure you surf with the 15 sec timer as it will entitle you to visit more sites in less time. Excuse me, I am going to surf now to earn my $2 cash.


Syarlilady (shar-lee-lay-dee) said...

Hey, I didn't know EasyHits4U pays its users. Maybe I should try that. Making money online is not my priority at the moment but I love learning. Thanks for the tip and thanks for visiting my blog.... :-)

Hui Ling said...

The 5 tiers referral program sound attractive, will take a look!