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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Get paid by writing short reviews!

Ciao pays you $1 when your 120 words product review is rated at least once. In addition to that, your review will also earn 1 cent if it is being read by someone and up to 3 cents for receiving positive ratings ( helpful, very helpful or exceptional) by Ciao community members.

The rate of the rating of your reviews are indicated by the the dollar signs which appear next to the name of the product on the product overview page. No dollar sign means you won't get any money for the member's rating while one dollar sign will indicate 1 cent per rating, two dollar signs 2 cents and so on.

Minimum payout amount is $5 via PayPal. You have to make a request for payment and you will receive money in your PayPal account in the middle of the following month. If you want to know how much you have earned from your most recent product reviews, click the My Ciao button and then click the Account tab. After that, check out the Bonus Program content.

What are you waiting for? Let start Ciaoing to earn some real cash!

Note: There is also a UK Ciao site that will only pay you in cash if you are a UK resident. For international member, you can join the concerned site but you won't received any cash from them. However, you will be paid in gift certificate.

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Jo said...

sounds cool. i have joined it :) thx for sharing these awesome sites.