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Monday, June 02, 2008

Not just another PTC site

Most PTC site offers you 1 cent click per advertisement. Currently, Buxto which offers you 0.01 euro is down. Hopefully they will come back online as I can't wait to join the site.

What make Pay2Surf different from your typical PTC site is its floating rate click. If you happen to be in the site when there are many users online, you get a higher rate. So far, I am getting 4 cents to 11 cents per advertisement click. Yes, it definitely pay you much more than 1 cent. I have logged in thrice but account balance already shown more than a dollar in income.

Yes, this is a new site and the risk that you have to take is it might no paid. But by being the first few on the boat, the chances of getting payment is high as the site owner want to attract a lot of people to sign up.

So the sooner you sign up, the higher payment you will get and the lesser chance of not getting paid. If you are a die-hard fan of PTC, just add this site to your daily PTC clickings. You can also check out the Great PTC sites that I recommend.

Another higher than 1 cent typical PTC is X3Bux. It gives you one dollar sign up and 2 cents per click. Payout is at 5 dollars. The catch is you must be willing to watch adult content!

UPDATE 30 Aug 08 X3Bux had bite the dust! In fact, there isn't any trail of dust left! And I saw my money in it bid FAREWELL to me!

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