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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Paid Forums

Wouldn't it be nice if you are also getting paid while doing posting in forums ? For the past few days, I have been busy scouring the net for this purpose.

My searches lead me to the followings:

Morachat I go there with a doubt mind whether they will pay me for the postings that I made. I think you would be in the same mind as mine as many forums cannot sustain its payments to their members. Of course, Mylot is an exception. Glancing through the postings in Morachat, I found that the new owner is willing to pay those members with outstanding balance accrued from its previous owner. Hey! This guy must be a honest man as he is willing to go to the extent to compensate the previous unpaid members. He has what I am looking in responsibilities and respect.

When you reach 9 dollars in balance, you can request cashout from the admin through PayPal. Each post carries an amount of 2 cents. Shorter post will receive 1 cent while a one sentence post will give you a fraction of a cent. The good thing about this forum in comparison with Mylot is you will know immediately the latest updated account balance after your recent posting. It is displayed on the left hand side of your every postings.

One more thing about Morachat is you will get 1 dollar bonus when you introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself section. So there is 8 more dollars to go before payout.

Pay-less is a new paid to post forum that I discovered while clicking my ads. They pay you when your balance is 1 dollar via PerfectMoney. Yes, one dollar is indeed a very low cashout amount where you won't find in any other paid forum. Each posting costs them 1 cent while a new thread has a reward of 1.5 cent. If you are active, you can reach payout within days!

EMF is another paid to post forum. You can post your request to exchange the e-Gold earned into Altergold, C-gold, E-gold, E-bullion, EMFcash, Liberty Reserve, Numox, PayPal, Pecunix, Perfect Money and V-money.

The last one is only meant for those who are very serious in earning money in postings. Don't try it if you are only half hearted and cannot afford time on it. You will be asked to post in various forums that you might not be familiar. However, the payout is very good and they pay you weekly. Only proceed from here after you properly think the whole thing over.

If you have any questions, kindly post them in the comments area of this post.


Katrina L Sparks said...

ooh paid forums never really herd of them. I wonder if they have an anime one. Lol (Gotta say thanks) ..... i'll check these out.

Duwana said...

Watch out for MoraChat. They do pay but I have heard of SO many people being banned for stupid reasons and treated badly by the admin and leaving so they never get paid.

flowerhorn said...

Well, Duwana, if you follow the rules in the forum, you won't get banned. Sometimes, it takes a little more effort to make some money

Duwana said...

I didn't get banned for breaking the rules, I got banned for disagreeing with the Admin.

flowerhorn said...

What is the thing that you disagreed with the admin? If it is true that he ban you for such a conflict in an opinion, I guess you can forget about them. After all, there are a lot of forums that you can participate to get paid. maybe you should take a look at EMF. But if you really want to earn more, say about 15 cent a post, check out paid posting tools. However, approval process will take some effort and they do really paid for your posts.