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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My first online earning payment!

Checking on my PayPal account this morning revealed that I have been paid by Review Stream. I didn't expect them to pay me so fast as I have only requested payment from them yesterday.

Finally I had been reaped from reviews writing on Review Stream for the past one month. It is indeed not a SCAM site at all. You do get paid for your hard works even though it takes a while! Just think of it as being employed by someone and get paid by the end of the month.

Click here to see payment proof.

Share my journey on review writing and get some writing tips for Review Stream. Yesterday, Review Stream has switched back to 72 hours reviews approval/declination after changing it to instaneous acceptance/declination last week. To increase your chances in getting the regular rate, try to post a review in the range of about 250 words and above. To view a sample of a 40 cents and a 2 dollars reviews, go to Review Stream and type Porcupine in the find reviews bar.
The one on the modem was worth 2 dollars while 40 cents was awarded to the Isotonic drink review.

Thanks for clicking the payment proof image above. You have just earned me 0.00022 cent. Yup, you can hardly notice a one after a long strings of zero, but as in life, everything counts in the long run. Click here to join only if you are still interested or else you are only wasting your time!

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