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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Update on Mysearchfunds (Homepages Friends)

Mysearchfunds is now known as Homepages Friends. Even though the interface has changed slightly, you can rest assured that your balance will be paid as it has tied up with Yahoo!. Log in using your previous registered email at the bottom of the homepage or at the upper right hand corner and key in your own password. You will find your balance being carried forward from Mysearchfunds. Due to the tie up, your search is now performed through Yahoo!. You will IE7 or Mozilla Firefox for it to work which you can download after registration under the FAQ's section.

You might have your doubt in getting paid before, but with Yahoo! in the picture, your payments are guaranteed. So join Homepages friends to search your ways into making extra money. They pay in pounds!


Katrina L Sparks said...

I know I have to update my post. I like your review, its a lot different from mines. Oh and did ever pay you yet?

flowerhorn said...

I'm still new there! Haven't reached payout. Anyway, someone else is helping clicking them daily. I guess if I ever received payout, I'll give them to her.