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Monday, May 26, 2008

Great PTC Sites

After scouring the various websites in the net, I come to the conclusion that the following PTC sites do pay its members for the hard work they performed in clicking the ads.All the websites listed here are free to join and only required you to click on advertisements.Some have low minimum payout and all are open to international members.

neobux When your account balance reaches 2 dollars, you have to request payout.

clixncash The good thing about clixncash is you can withdraw payment to your PayPal account once your balance shows 0.25.Thus, you don't have to feel worried for not being able to get your hard earned cash. Each click is worth 1 cent. The same goes for your referral's click.Payout request is 10 dollars. You will get 9 cents when you sign up.

Clix Sense Minimum payment of 10 dollars will be mailed to your address when your account balance reaches that amount.

Hits4Pay An amount of 10 dollars will credited to your account for joining. Each click is worth 2 cents, each referral and referral's referral click is 1 cent. Minimum cashout is 25 dollars.

PersianPTC Sign up bonus is 10 cents and each click earns you 1 to 5 cents. 5 dollars min payout.

Clicksia Each click is worth 0.002 cents each. However,payout is at 2 dollars via PayPal, AlertPay or E-Gold.

E-mailpaysu Signing up will earn you 10 dollars.Clicking at the email advertisement link that sent to you will earn you 2 cents. Beside that, playing game and taking parts in surveys will earn you money. The website does take sometimes to get use to. Cashout is at 50 dollars.

PT Cash Your referral and your click is worth 1 cent. Sign up bonus is 5 cent.Cashout is at 5 dollars.

Busy Click Cash withdrawal is at 2 dollars via E-Gold, MoneyBookers or AlertPay.

Earn 3 Cashout is at 10 dollars via AlertPay.

Bux4All A new PTC site that offers 1 cent per click and a low cashout of 2 dollars via AlerPay.

I would like to offer Daily Clicks which offers lots of clicks daily but it seems that it might be a SCAM as many people are waiting for payout, some as long as 3 months.


Katrina L Sparks said...

You are definitely on the money. lol its been over 6 months... I expected that. lol

Smoothoperator said...

Good list,my favorite on the list is neobux.Some of those sites i havent actually seen before,they may be scams but good list regardless.Check out other sites on my blog

The Best Paying Online Sites

Pista said...

Hello! You might want to try surfbars, it's more passive way to get some extra cash... All I use is here:

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