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Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Paid To Post Forums For You

Have you have enough of paid to post forums? Nope, you want more? Here they are:

Post4Cash: This is a very new paid to post forum. The forum uses a credit system to pay you. Registering for the forum will award you with 10 credits. Each written post will earn you 5 credits while 10 credits are given to each thread that you start. Referring a valid member awards you with 50 credits. Valid member is defined as a person who is referred by you and registers on their forum and he/she becomes a valid referral once they have 10 valid posts in sections which pay and have been registered since 7 days.

Minimum payout is at 5 dollars (1,000 credits) via PayPal, e-Gold or MoneyBooker on the 15th of every month.

MakeMoneyKindgom: As the name implied, MakeMoneyKingdom (MMK) is forum that has rich contents and information on online money making opportunities. Gold Coins are awarded at MMK. These are then converted to cash at payout. The followings are the amount of Gold Coins that will be credited to your account.

Starting a thread earns 4 Gold Coins.
Posting a reply gives you 3 Gold Coins.
Introducing a referrer that has made more than 30 posts rewards 25 Gold Coins.

After reaching 1,000 Gold Coins in your accounts which are equivalent to 10 dollars, you can request payout via PayPal or MoneyBookers. Payment will be made at the beginning of the month.

I find this forum is very strict as there is a disgusting minimum requirement of 100 characters per post. In addition to that and you won't be able to view any link or image signatures if you have less than 10 posts. I have received a warning from them for making duplicate threads in MMK. So SEARCH before you start a THREAD!

BestPaidOnline: There are 10 different ways of getting paid in BestPaidOnline. They are Get Paid to sign up, paid email, paid cash offer, paid free offers, paid survey offers, paid shopping offers, paid trial offers, paid 10% or 20% from referrals, paid to write in forum, paid to click on banners and advertisements will earn you money there. Each thread or post in the forum will make you richer by 2 cents.

However, there is one catch here. To get payout, you must either do $15 worth of offers or earn $15 from your referrals.Payment request can be made when your account reaches $25 via PayPal or AlertPay. You will receive your money somewhere from the 20th to the end of the second month after you request for payment.

ChatLife is currently offering 0.15 cents per post for a limited time only. All posts must be more than 5 words and have informative and meaningful discussion. Payment are made for each 100 posts you made in the Community Forum via PayPal or bank transfer.

All payments are processed after the 20th of each month. The following thread explains every thing in more detail:

Get Paid 2 Post Rules - Please Read

Digital Point: An Adsense revenue sharing forum. Yes, this best described Digital Point forum. To be able to get your Adsense Client ID on the advertisements there, you must make at least 50 posts. Your ID will be used on 50% of the time for the thread that you start. Digital Point contains many useful threads on Search Engines, Marketing, Business, Design and Development etc. which are very useful to those who make money online.

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