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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making Money With Low Traffic Blog

All is not lost in making money with a low traffic site. Some companies prefer to advertise in low traffic hobbyist site as it may prove more effective in getting targetted traffic.They will offer you to display an advertisement banner on your site in return for a small fee. You provide the advertising company with a list of URLs of your site. If they find a match in their advertisers to your site, you will be provided with a banner to be put on your URL that you submitted earlier. Payment will be after displaying the banner in your site for a month.

Matched work in this way. They will offer you £3 for each advertisement you published in your site. You can submit 5 URLs in the same domain to them. If all 5 of them are selected, you earn £15 from them monthly. Adding in 5 different sites will make you richer by £75. Before I forget, the £5 sign up bonus will be paid to you when you have display the first banners for a month.

Another company that threads along the same line is Ad Network. It will pay you £5 per month for 3 banners displayed in your site. There is no limitations to the number of sites that you can submit to them.

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