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Monday, June 16, 2008

How to get the money you earned online?

It never dawn on me that newbies didn't have any idea on how to get the money earned online. I guess I am one too when I started out these things.

Most paying sites will pay you through payment processors such as PayPal or AlertPay. So to get the payment, you would have to open an account with them which is of course, free of charge. Put in your email address in it so that the paying sites can pay you through the email that you provided.

For PayPal, a 5 dollars withdrawal fee will be charged if you withdraw it to your credit or debit card. I would recommend you get a debit card as most of the time, the local bank won't charge you any withdrawal fee when you withdraw cash using your debit card.

If you have US bank account, there won't be any charges imposed to withdraw the money from PayPal to your US bank account.

AlertPay lets you withdraw money by sending you checks or through bank transfer with a withdrawal fee of 3 dollars and 50 cents respectively.

If you intend to earn money by clicking on advertisements, get AlertPay. But if you like posting in forums, then get a PayPal account. Anyway, it never hurt to get both of them. After all, they are free to apply.

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