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Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Little Richer With Idle PC!

What? Money can be made with idle pc? Yes, why not? Install Gomez Peer and let it run in the background. That's it.Your job is done on making money in Gomez. If not for an icon in the system tray, you might even forgotten that you have installed Gomez Peer after some time.

Your pc will periodically request work unit from Gomez servers when it has spare capacity. Gomez will pay you for your online time and work processed time. Actually, your pc spare capacity is utilized to test and improve websites performance in the net. Your pc is just one of the hundred of thousand pc in the world that are used for this testing.

The best news is you can install Gomez Peer to multiple pc that are connected to the net. Be sure to link them all to your User name (account) and each pc has an unique pc name.

At CPUShare, you can sell your pc idle resources to people who are interested to use it for their processing work. Your pc will be a part of a Low Cost P2P Virtual Supercomputer available for use by anyone. The price of using your resources is up to you to set; you can charge CPUCoins or set the currency and the amount you wished to be paid.

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