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Sunday, August 10, 2008

23 cents for less than 10 minutes!

No, your eyes are OK and so is your screen. You might be asking how can this be possible? By now, I think you have heard countless bad stories about HYIP. And I believe you would never invest in one in your life.

Please remember one thing! I would never suggest anything that need money to make money. The HYIP site that I am going to recommend here only requires you to spend less than 10 minutes of your time to make 23 cents daily. In Tegoi, you would need to auto surf 30 sites to make your earnings there. When the balance has reached $10, you can used to invest in the HYIP programs there or simply withdraw the money from your account.

For those of you who do ptc ads daily, I think this method is much more profitable than clicking the ads yourself. 23 cents for less than 10 minutes! When you have registered yourself in Tegoi, you will be given $15. If you are thinking of withdrawing the $15, you are pushing the realm of reality a bit too far. Use it to get the profit in the auto surf program there. When you see the green surf button, click on it and do your 30 surf sites. If the item for "Next surf in" is in RED color, come back another time. Your balance will be displayed after you reached $10 in your account.

UPDATE 20 Aug 08: Forget about Tegoi! The admin didn't even bother to renew the site hosting after expiry last week.


Team Members said...

This sound good!

flowerhorn said...

Really? Then join the program! You won't have much to loose except 5 min of your time