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Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 ways to earn at PTP4Ever

Could you see the PTP banner on your screen? Well, it has just earn me $0.0004. Thanks. You can also do the same by joining PTP4Ever. Not only will you be paid $0.40 per cpm for displaying banners in your site, you can also get paid by promoting a web page on the net by using autosurf, safelists, blogs, forums and emails.

The payment rate for displaying the URL is as follow:
1. $2 per cpm with the break frame URL provided
2. $1.2 per cpm with the normal version (can be promoted anywhere)
3. $0.60 per cpm with the light version.

I think PTP4Ever is the only site in the web where you can get an outrageous 50% of your referrals earnings. $0.20 will be yours if you sign up in PTP4Ever. Cash out is at $1 via PayPal or e-gold.

One final reminder: enter your account once a month or send at least one valid hit every week. If not, your account might be suspended.

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