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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Play the stock market?

Are you crazy? You might say so. The market is very BAD at the moment. It is only heading one way which is SOUTH! It has made me lost an uncountable amount of money. I don't want to lost money anymore playing it.

Then, how about playing a virtual stock market? Would you like to enjoy the fun of the game again without paying a single cent? Better still, you will be given $1 to play the game in StockWe when you register. In StockWe, 5 stocks are available for trading and their values will be updated every 10 minutes for 24/7. No commission will be charged for a stock purchase while a 1% commission will be imposed when you sell a stock. You can buy or sell any stock at any time that you wish as the trading rule is T+0.

A stock will be suspended when its price drops to lower than $0.05. A warning will be given to you if you purchase a high risk stock.

Does it sound like the real thing? If yes, get yourself an e-Gold account if you don't have one and then make your registration at StockWe.


mberger said...

Stock We is cool, but Wall Street Survivor is the schiznit of fantasy stock games!

You can trade any stock (not just 5) in the market in real-time with fake dollars.

And they give away a boatload of $$ and prizes. The best part is the community where you can learn from people and make friends.

flowerhorn said...

Mberger,thanks a lot for sharing the info. I have joined Wall Street Survivor and it is everything that you mentioned. Hope you make a lot of money and get some Amazon gift cards from it.