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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Surviving PTC sites!

Lately, there are many ptc sites that were hacked and bit the dust. However, the few here are still surviving and seems to have beaten the odds.

Mainbux has been monitored as a paying site for 36 days. Each clicks earn you $0.01 and $0.005 per referral clicks. Minimum payout is at $6.99 (ignore the $3.99 in the banner as min payout amount has been raised in the beginning of Aug) via AlertPay. You must click at least 50 ads to request payout.

Unlike most ptc sites which pay you $0.01 for watching an ads for 30 seconds, Clickin' Me only require you to spend 20 sec on it. Another good thing about Clickin' Me is that you can click the same ads in a day after 12 hours. Payout is also very low; $1.99 via AlertPay. If you want to get the rates in the banner, you have to pay $79.97 to become a lifetime premium member.

UPDATE 16 OCT '08 Bid farewell to Clickin'Me as it only permits withdrawal by bank wire transfer!

TheRichCash pays you $0.005 per ads view and $0.0025 per referral ads view. Cash out is at $3 (raised from $1.5 in 7th Jul '08) via AlertPay.

The Buxs banner says it all. Payout is through AlertPay.

Each of your ad click in ClickBux will earn you $0.02. Referral click is at $0.01. Cash out is at $4.99 via AlertPay. If you want to be paid in PayPal, click on the Contact tab in ClickBux and make your request in the Comments field.

UPDATE 16 Oct '08 ClickBux has become ClickPTC. The click that you make now will earn $0.01 now but lasts only 20 sec!

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