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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A 10 cents payout site and a paying site

ChampionMails gives you 10 cents payout through your PayPal account. ChampionMails is a Pay Per Action site where you get a little richer by reading e-mails, clicking ads and signing up at websites.

In addition to that, for every 100 clicks done there, someone will be chosen to receive 1 cent. Sign up bonus of 1 cent will be given to you too. Currently, the admin also has a monthly click contest where the top 50 clickers will win a bonus. Be careful with the cheat links there as if you click a total of 3 cheat links, you won't get paid.

By the way, I got paid in Paypal by Clixncash in 2 days after requesting payout. The minimum payout there is 25 cents only.

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