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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Charity click and Visa Gift Card

Have you come across many sites with the PayPal Donation button? Not sure? Never mind, I know you want to do charity but just can't find the right channel to do so. What if I tell you that you can contribute to charity without forking out a single cent and all you have to do is by clicking the donator buttons in Charity Click Donation. It is as though you are clicking on PTC sites which pay you money for viewing the ads listed in their sites.

Charity Click Donation site makes it easier for you to donate to the free click donation sites by using Bulk Click Donators button. Clicking either one of the bulk donators there will make you a charitable person.

Now, after doing a good deed, it is time to earn yourself a Visa gift card by performing some searches. At Scour, you will be rewarded with :
1 point for every search
2 points for a vote
3 points for a comment
However, a max of 4 points is only allowed with a search.
25% of the points your referrals earned

When you have accumulated 6,500 points, you can redeem a $25 Visa gift card with them.

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linda zhao said...

This is good, I like it, hehe... Seems you have so many interesting things in your blog, keep it up man :)