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Monday, October 27, 2008

Make cash with WaoIndia!

I won't blame you when you think that WaoIndia is a scam site. Who in the world would believe that a ptc site would pay $0.10 for each of your 30 sec viewing in the ads in WaoIndia?

I was also sceptical when I first discovered the site. But since I saw that there were many payment proofs in the forum, the site is being sponsored (SKY DEVELOPMENT & DomainOnAir which they claimed pay them $0.15 per click till Oct 2010), and that they are going to limit users to only 8,000 members, I decide to give it a try. Recently they secured Clicksor as another of their sponsors.

Cashout is at $199 via PayPal. There will be some fees deduction during payout but who cares since the amount is so BIG? Yep, very high amount but many people are able to cash out the amount over that figure! Also remember not to click the same ads with in a 24 hours period as you account will be banned.

Well, if you intend to try your luck, join WaoIndia quickly as the current user base is at 7,035.

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