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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new paid to post forum!

For all of you who like to post in forums, you can make some cash by posting in a new forum called CyberWorth. CyberWorth is a site that focuses on online money making and web design and development.

Currently, they have very attractive rewards. They use points known as worth to convert to cash. The rate for is 1 worth credit is 1 cent.
1 reply or 1 thread=10 worth
1 referral= 10 worth
Signup will give you 100 worth which means $1.

You can request cashout when you have $10 via PayPal or CC. If this sounds interesting to you, hurry up and register yourself in CyberWorth. One more thing, you will only able to get worth credit in the posts that you make in General Business and Webmasters forums.

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