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Monday, October 20, 2008

Forums for ptc clickers!

If you are someone who are new to the ptc industry, you could visit the following forums to get more knowledge on the paid to click (PTC) way to make some extra cash. Bear in mind that paid to click is the easiest way to make money online as it only requires you to click and view a site for some duration (10, 20, 30 or 45, 60 or 120 sec) and then your account will be credited with cash! As ptc sites come and go very fast, it is wise not to make heavy investment in them (buying referrals) as you might lose your money when the ptc sites vanish from the net.

PTCTalk : a very established forums on ptc industry. You can get to know which sites are scam sites, new ptc sites, established paying ptc, exchange your referral links, get yourself a referral by joining the program listed in the forum etc. (Downline Builder Board)

AsiaPTC : started 4 months ago as a ptc forum to cater for those ptc clickers in Asia. It has more or less the same forums as those in PTCTalk with the difference lies in its localized country boards. Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Philippines are the currently available local boards that you can post in your local country languages.

EarningMoneySpace : Currently they have a weekly $10 give away contest which you can participate if you have made at least 25 posts in the forum.

I know that you won't give your cash to a school boy but do you know that some of this sites are operated by them? That being said, I didn't mean that they will cheat you of your money but just be careful and use your head! If a owner has several ptc sites, it might prove that things are not going right as some of the sites are not self sustainable and the money collected in the newer sites might be used to finance the older sites.

Be alert when most of your ads that you click in a site belong to the concerned site . This is the first indication that the site is not sustainable.

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