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Friday, October 24, 2008

Make cash/gift certificate with MTurk

As many works are still done best by humans, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) serves as a platform to offer businesses to get their temporary work requests done by a wide pool of talented people. And you are going to be one of them if you join the site as a worker.

The following tasks are available in MTurk:
1. identify objects in a photo or video,
2. perform data de-duplication
3. transcribe audio recordings, or researching data details.

What a worker need to do in MTurk is to answer Human Intelligence Task (HIT) which is just an individual task. There are tens of thousands of HITS in MTurk that you can work on. After you registered, you can find out the expiration date and the value of each HIT by clicking on the HIT tab. To qualify for those HIT that are not available to you, you will have to take the qualification test.

US residents will have the option to transfer their cash in MTurk to a US bank account or gift certificate balance while non-US resident can only transfer them to gift certificate balance. Indian workers will have the option to get their payment in bank checks denominated in Indian Rupees.

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