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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Dollar For An Hour Judgement?

At Floxter, you get to be the JUDGE for web contents. You decide
whether web pages contain events or schedules, FAQ, promote the
use or sale of weapons, mature contents etc. For these, you will be awarded more than 10 credit points per judgement. However, certain judgments require qualifications which you have to acquired in Floxter worksets. Do you see any similarities as in real life? It would be beneficial if you know Chinese as some of the worksets are in Chinese.

Judging is done by clicking the options available in Floxter.

Credits earnings rewarded in Floxter can be withdrawn through PayPal or donated to World Vision, UNO - Fl├╝chtlingshilfe and Greenpeace. You need to fill out your profile in the My finance tab and verify your email address before requesting for payout. Credits payout request can only be done once a day.

Within the first hour of judging, I earned credits worth a dollar in Floxter. Happy judging!

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Laura said...

Great title, and great site!! Well done you for sharing another 'different' earning method!! An yet another one I shall be checking out