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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is unbelievable! Pay-less paid me today!

While making some postings in Make Money Kingdom (MMK) this morning, I saw the scam section in there. So before putting Pay-less as a scam site in MMK, I decide to check out Pay-less forum one more time. Who know? They might be out of business.

To my surprise, they still exist and people are still posting there. And when I checked out my Perfect Money account, I have been paid by them! USD1.35. This is a MIRACLE. Never would I imagine a site such as Pay-less would come back to life and paid me. I guess I was wrong labeling Pay-less as a scam site earlier on.

To those of you who are interested to join Pay-less, here are some info on the site.
1 cent for a reply
1.5 cent for starting a thread
1 dollar payout via Perfect Money which can be transfer to e-gold/webmoney/pecunix with 1.5% service charge.

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Congrat, it is nice to hear that.

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