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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Traffic exchange that pay you

At Mashro3naBUX, you are paid for your manual surf, auto surf and clicking advertisements. Each day, you will get around 20 advertisements worth 0.005 or 0.01 cent to click.

If you don't want to receive cash for your surfings, you can assigned the credits earned for your website exposure.Believe me, you will receive lots of traffic to your site once you put your blog/site URL at Mashro3naBUX. A 1,000 sign up credits bonus will be given after you do a 100 manual surf in one session.

Minimum cash out is at 10 dollars via PayPal, AlerPay, E-Gold or MoneyBookers. If you just use Mashro3naBUX for the paid to click advertisements section, you will be able to request payout in around 3 months if you click the 20 plus ads daily.

UPDATE 13 Nov '08 PayPal and MoneyBookers no longer used by Mashro3nabux.


freemoneysite said...

that's great it's ptc and traffic exchange in one i'm also looking for this kind of site to add to my site

linda zhao said...

I am a member of mashro3na, got paid many times, but when the min. payout was $1 only... Now it's changed to $10, takes me time to reach to the min. payout... I still like the site though...

佳蒨 said...

I want to put a translator in my blog, but I can't find the same one as yours.
Would you give me the translator code for me?