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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Writing reviews for beginners

There are hundred and one ways of making money on the internet. Today I am going to talk about writing reviews for beginners. The idea of writing reviews scares away many people from getting started as they normally think that one must have a vast product knowledge and a great commands of English at their disposal to start writing reviews.

I, for one, also think the same way! What change my perception is when I found out about Review Stream and looked at the reviews being written there. "Hey! I can do that",I said to myself. And that is what started me writing reviews. This site is excellent for beginner reviewer to test the water; you can use it as a stepping stone in your journey of writing reviews.

The good thing about Review Stream is your review length isn't specified. However, if too short a review is being submitted,it will get rejected. In my opinion, it would take in anything from 120 words. And you can review on anything! Yes, that includes yourself too. What is important here is the site would like to hear your personal opinion,be it good or bad. Your opinion weighs in gold for them.

However,as with anything good,there are some bad points as well. The site does not look very professional and you won't get registered as a member. Whenever you want to write and submit your review,you have to key in the same information over and over again. Although some of this data can be posted automatically by your browser, you still have to go through filling in data such as title, category etc. I would recommend you use a yahoo or gmail account as your contact email as the site email came from yahoo and goggle email. There are times you won't get any feedback when you use some other emails. Please choose the email that you are going to liase with them carefully as this email also serve an id for your PayPal account payment. You cannot change the email half way through your reviews submission.

If you change to another email account, the balance of your account will start from zero again.This means that you are opening another account with them.However,all is not lost as PayPal do accept multiple id email.Just log in to the PayPal site and add in your new email address.

The current payment amount is 40 cents for bulk rate and 2 dollars for regular submission.What this means is simply if they find your review quality a bit on the low side,they will pay you the bulk rate while a review that fulfill their expectation will earn you 2 dollars. Coming to think of it, it is really not that difficult. Al you have to do is write a few sentences on yourself and you already start the money flowing in.

It takes about 72 working hours for your review to be accepted or declined.An email from Review Stream's yahoo account will be sent to you informing you of the status of your review and the associated payment amount. As you begin to submit additional reviews, the total amount balance will be shown in the email as well.There are no limits on the reviews that you can submit each day.It is entirely up to you. I would advise you to check on your corresponding email after you submit your review at the site in order to confirm that they really received your review.Some people argue that they are not paid for their reviews and say this site is a SCAM. However, most of the people who submit their reviews do get paid, as I believe there is some misunderstandings between the site owner and the reviewers.

For those who already started,I would like to give you this piece of advice. Write your review on notepad and then paste it to the review content column in the site or write your review there and paste it to notepad to keep a backup copy. So if they really didn't received your review,all you have to do is go to the website again and click the big green WRITE REVIEW button and paste your review content to the respective column. It will take out the frustration in keying your review again from memory.

You will have to request for payment once your balance touches 50 dollars by emailing to them. So,let get a taste of your first review writing by clicking here.

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