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Monday, May 26, 2008

Writing for Associated Content

How did I found out about Associated Content? It is from my participation in discussion at Mylot.You can discover a lot of ways to earn a little extra of online money there.After going through all those discussion, I decided to register for Associated Content to start my first article writing.

They are very fuzzy as they have rejected two of my initial articles which they found to be too "promotional" . And they mentioned that not to resubmit it under nonexclusive terms. As I am not one of those who give up easily,I submitted my third article and was published recently.So here it is : Quick Ways to Slow Motion Sickness .

Associate Content will pay upfront payment for those residing in the States while international members will only be eligible for performance payment. Performance payment lets you earn money per 1,000 page views.Currently the rate is 1.50 for 1,000 views. I like the idea of doing work once and get unlimited payment throughout my lifetime. To me, it acts as a source of residue income for my total earning. If you share the same idea as me, start writing your first article for Associate Content.

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