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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where is the traffic ?

Well, now I have some money making contents here. And I need to find some traffic as it is pretty quiet over here. Sure hope the roads and highways are like the situation here in this blog. It looks like a ghost town to me but not for long.

As you have noticed, I have been using Link Referral and ClickThru to get some traffic here. Feeling not satisfied with the current countryside traffic generated, I decide to search the net today which leads me to blog exchanges such as Blog Explosion and Blog Mad. Didn't have much time to delve into it after joining but they ranked high in Alexa. Do make a comment in this posting or shoutbox if you would like to share more information with our readers and me. Thanks in advance.

However, if you have Adsense in your blog, it is better not to resort to traffic exchange to generate your traffic. Your guess is as good as mine in whether they will ban you or not. It is better to play safe than sorry.

Posting your link in a forum posting such as Mylot is another way to bring in the traffic. The good thing about Mylot is you are given a profile page to list your blog URL and its associated banners. So after befriending Mylotters, they will visit your profile and get to know the promotional stuff there.

Today I discovered two blog directories which can send visitors to your site. Try it out yourself!
Blog Showoff
Blog Hub

With the above steps, can I get traffic jams here? You 'll know when you cannot access this blog.

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