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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Make cash with Smstafford

Manual surf, autosurf, and paid to click ads. All these tasks can make cash for you in Smstafford. The script used in this site is similar to Mashro3nabux but Mashro3nabux will only pay you when you have $10 in your account and the payment processors they used are AlertPay and E-Gold. Click here for more information on Mashro3nabux.

So what are the differences of this site? Currently there are two ads in the Paid To Click Ads tab that are worth $0.04 and $0.16 each. And to top it up, you can request for a payout in PayPal when you have $1 in your account. Go to Member Profile Editor to key in your PayPal payment processor email to get payout.

Well, you might think that it is a scam but I will post my payment proof here when I receive payout from them.

UPDATE 30 Nov 08 : Need to buy or invest at least $10 in the site to get paid. So Sayonara SMStafford!!!

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