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Friday, November 07, 2008

Make cash with PaidMailz

Aside from being paid for reading emails and signup offers, yo will also get a chance to click at those ads in the PaidMailz. Each ads will pay you anywhere from $0.025 to 2 cents but currently I only saw $0.025 ads in it.

And that is not all that you will find in PaidMailz. There is a tab called Daily Clicks where you can earn $0.06 for performing a price comparison search and click through to a result. If you are not sure on how to perform the task, you can get help by viewing a video tutorial on how to go about earning your $0.06 daily. Only 1 search can be performed daily.

PaidMailz is open to all inhabitants in this world but UK members will be able to get more earning from the site. Cashout is at a low $1 via PayPal. The good thing about this site is it will be around for some time as I am pretty sure not many people would be interested for such a way to make money. Anyway, to those of you who still have interest in such a way to make money online, just click the banner below.

Hmmm, since the payout is only at $1, I will give you 50% of what I made from you. When I received the money from them, I will pay you through your PayPal account that you sent me. No joke, I meant it. Just state your username and PayPal account email and send it to


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