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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Website Owners Make Thousands With Adsense?

I have come across countless website owners whop claim that they are making thousands of dollars each month with Adsense. Some even posted proofs of their earnings with snapshots of their cheques from Google.

It sure fires up my motivation and interest in using adsense as one of the way to earn lots of money online with it and clear any lingering doubt that I have in using adsense to make money online. However, the only problem that I face is they won't reveal the website that makes them so much money. Of course, if not everyone will started duplicating the same sites and make the competition very fierce.

Now there is a way to discover their money making adsense sites if you have SeoQuake plug into your browser. The tool to discover the money making sites is with AdsSpy. AdsSpy is integrated with SeoQuake and when you visit those sites that have adsense on it, you can also discover other websites that are associated with the same adsense publisher and thus you can learn a great deal on how they design and optimize all their sites to rake in thousands of dollars from adsense.

Not only will AdsSpy reveals the other sites that contain adsense but also other leading advertisers such as YPN, Chitika and Amazon.

It is indeed a tool that one cannot do without if he is really serious on making money from the net.


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