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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Make cash by reading emails

Most sites will pay you for reading emails. TakeTheInternetBack seems to thread along the same line, but with a twist. Reading email sent by the advertisers will give you points. These points will denote ownership and revenue percentage. So there is no fixed amount associated to how much does a point worth as revenue and membership will fluctuate.

Just remember to click the link in the email that was sent to you if you want to earn points from it. If you didn't read the ads email for two weeks, it will lose its value and if you didn't read any email for one month, your account will be inactive. However, it can be reactivated by logging into your account and click the activation link in it. Of course you will want to earn more points, you can read more emails. A maximum 10 points will be yours for the taking if you read 10 emails a day. A referral will give you 3 points. If you referral refers a member, you will also get a point.

Don't worry if you see that your available money does not increase corresponding with the points that you get as money will only be credited when the site get paid from the advertisers.

If you want to have ownership in the site for life, you must read emails daily and refer at least 2 members. Cash out is at $50 via PayPal or $55 via check. Hey, did I tell you that you will get $10 in your account when you join and there are many free internet marketing download programs that you can use ?


russel said...

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silksutera said...

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